Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

21 نوفمبر 2018
18 ساعة منذ
Report of stabbing in Har Gilo, Jerusalem. One person injured - believed to be in moderate to serious condition. Attacker has fled the scene
18 ساعة منذ
Witnesses and medical officials say an @AP cameraman has been shot and wounded while covering a demonstration in the Gaza Strip. Rashed Rashid was hit in the leg Monday during a weekly protest next to the Israeli border.
Police recommend charging Israeli interior minister
1 اليوم منذ
قوات تقتحم بلدة عزون شرق قلقيلية
1 اليوم منذ
مصادر عبرية: اندلاع النيران في حافلة للمستوطنين بعد تعرضها لإلقاء زجاجات حارقة قرب مستوطنة معالي أدوميم شرق القدس
1 اليوم منذ
Argentina foils Hezbollah plot against the Jewish community: Israeli media
1 اليوم منذ
غزة: مراسل الميادين في غزة: اصابة مصور صحافي برصاص في المسير البحري شمال القطاع
Israel Hermes 450 drone allegedly flying over southern Lebanon
Netanyahu : Khan Al Ahmar will be evacuated very soon
1 اليوم منذ
وصول الآف الفلسطينيين لدعم الحراك البحري شمال القطاع
1 اليوم منذ
Netanyahu: We still have good relations with Russia. My conversation with Putin in Paris was excellent. I proposed enhancing de-confliction talks between the Israeli army and the Russian army
1 اليوم منذ
Netanyahu: Our intelligence tells us that the amount of Iranian arms smuggling through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon has substantially decreased since the downing of the Russian plane
Netanyahu at the Knesset hearing: Israel has engaged in military operations in Syria since the downing of the Russian plane. Our intelligence planes are gathering information and I don't want to talk about other operations in this setting
PM Netanyahu tells the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee that Russia alone does not have enough leverage to push Iranian and pro-Iranian forces out of Syria
Prime Minister @netanyahu at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: "From the information we have – the amount of Iranian weapons transfers through Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon has diminished significantly since the drop of the Russian plane, so there is less need for Air force attacks."
Liberman, scathingly: "Now everyone understands why we lost our deterrence."
Saying Israel must restore its deterrence power, Bennett climbs down from a clear ultimatum.
Netanyahu announces he will take over position as defense minister following Liberman's resignation
Netanyahu:: "Israel will always remain in the Golan Heights, and it will always be in Israel's hands"
Netanyahu doesn't reappoint Jewish Home MK as deputy minister
2 اليوم منذ
متابعة/ بخصوص الإنفجارات الذي تسمع جنوب قطاع غزة مصدرها الجانب المصري ..
2 اليوم منذ
Hamas official says Israeli army raid in Khan Younis was to plant listening devices
2 اليوم منذ
Ministry of labour in Gaza Reports that 1252 housing units were damaged during the recent Israeli attack, of which 77 were completely destroyed.
2 اليوم منذ
قوات تعتقل 3 فلسطينيين من مناطق متفرقة بالضفة ، فجر اليوم.
3 اليوم منذ
شبّان يرشقون مركبة مستوطنين بالحجارة قرب بلدة بيت حنينا شمال القدس ، قبل قليل
صور.. من شرق مدينة خانيونس جنوب قطاع غزة اليوم.4 اليوم منذ
صور.. من شرق مدينة خانيونس جنوب قطاع غزة اليوم.
Israeli PM Netanyahu's main coalition partner seeks elections `as soon as possible,' wants date set on Sunday.
Netanyahu's party denies decision to call early elections
Meeting between @netanyahu and @naftalibennett ends with no deal of Defense Minister The Jewish Home will leave the coalition, bringing down the government and forcing new elections. No date yet agreed upon
Palestinian reports on two wounded from Israel army fire, after approaching the fence with Gaza
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