Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

27 Mayıs 2018
7 saat önce
Israeli army kills three Gaza militants after foiling border bombing
12 saat önce
Sources in Ramallah say President Mahmoud Abbas will leave the hospital on Sunday at 14:00 PM, a week after his he was admitted
13 saat önce
Israeli army confirms the attack in response to explosive charge placed near border fence
14 saat önce
Israeli tank fire at an Islamic Jihad observation post kills two Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip, the enclave's health ministry and sources from the militant movement say
14 saat önce
Two Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in Gaza Strip: ministry
Airstrike at Qusayr (Dab'a) Air Base seems to have destroyed three aircraft shelters last Thursday
Syria: aftermath of Israel|i airstrikes (9-10th May) on Bases NW. of Damascus (1) and NW. of Kiswah (2-3).
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: Hezbollah takes this issue very seriously and strategically amid danger conditions as it was victorious in 2000. Syria and Palestine remain the top issues to talk about soon
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: Killings and wars by Israel against Lebanon will not reach results. Loss of life and destruction of homes and businesses is part of the sacrifices of the battle. And we will build our victories on that
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: Refuse US or Israel attempt to seize land or any drop of oil, naturally this enemy needs to see it be threatened or else it will result to assassinations and sieges
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: We do not seek war but do not fear it. Israel threatens but we say that in a war (God forbid) that it will be a victory for us. Confidence in the Resistance was also demonstrated during the election
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: There were people who ran around looking for a reason not to resist the occupation. But it was our people's resistance which led to Israel's withdraw which was not through an agreement or organised fashion, this resistance is still evident today
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: Between 1982 and 2000, Hezbollah capabilities were modest compared to not only the enemy (Israel) but also Hezbollah today
2 gün önce
Nasrallah: This year's Quds Day is important and must be covered by media and politically due to sensitive time that Jerusalem is going through after Trump's decision.
Putin: forcing Iran out of nuclear agreement doesn't serve for Israeli security
Smoke grenades thrown at Prime Minister's residence in Ceaserea
200 thousands Palestinians prayed at Al-Aqsa Mosque today in Jerusalem on the second Friday in Ramadan2 gün önce
200 thousands Palestinians prayed at Al-Aqsa Mosque today in Jerusalem on the second Friday in Ramadan
2 gün önce
EU's ambassador @EGiaufretEU says Israel's biting criticism proves just how important the European Union really is to Israelis
2 gün önce
Erdogan warns that Israel will harm itself if it recognizes the 'Armenian Genocide'
2 gün önce
Turkey warns that Israel will harm itself if it recognizes the 'Armenian Genocide'
Suriye’nin doğusunda dün hava saldırılarıyla vurulan bölgelerden biri.
Israel calls on EU to stop funding groups promoting 'anti-Israel' boycotts
2 gün önce
Two Palestinians wounded in Gaza border clashes die
Suriye İnsan Hakları Gözlemcilerinden Rami Abdel Rahman : “Dabaa Askeri Havaalanı ve çevresine 6 füze düştü.”
3 gün önce
İsrail savaş uçakları Lübnan üzerinde uçarken görüldü, bu sıralarda Daba hava üssüne hava saldırıları düzenlendi
Suriye Hava Savunma sistemleri İsrail savaş uçağını vurmaya çalıştı
3 gün önce
Security incident at the Tulkarem checkpoint.
Esad güçlerine bu sabah düzenlenen hava saldırılarında hiçbir İranlı ve Lübnanlı ölmedi.
The Knesset will hold a vote on whether to recognize the Armenian Genocide
Israel is pressing the Trump administration to recognize its sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, an Israeli cabinet minister said
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