5 December 2023
Israeli Prime Minister: I call on the Israelis in Ukraine to leave immediately
1 year ago
Israeli security forces disperse rally in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah
1 year ago
Hezbollah says it launched the UAV that entered Israeli airspace earlier today. The group claims the aircraft was 70km deep in Israeli airspace for 40 minutes, before heading back to Lebanon unscathed
Israeli army says a preliminary investigation shows that the Iron Dome failed to intercept the drone that entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon, and it shortly thereafter returned to Lebanon
Israeli army says it lost contact with the drone that entered Israeli airspace
1 year ago
Israeli Army says "Iron Dome" missiles intercepted a explosive drone launched from Lebanon
1 year ago
Home Front Command announces that the sirens were set off after a drone flew into Israel from Lebanon and Iron Dome interceptors were fired to intercept it. Fighter jets were scrambled to the scene
Israeli army says a UAV entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon. Iron Dome interceptor missiles fired, jets scrambled, the military says
IAF Ra'am activity, northern Israel Israeli
1 year ago
Air raid sirens in northern Israel. Israeli officials say could be a result of an infiltration of a hostile drone into Israeli airspace
1 year ago
Explosions were heard in the Upper Galilee region, northern Israel
1 year ago
Red alert: 18/02/2022 11:58:18 at Lower Galilee region: Hukok; Upper Galilee area:Kahal, Kadarim
1 year ago
Israeli army says details of sirens in northern Israel being looked into
Red Alert in Northern Israel1 year ago
Red Alert in Northern Israel
Israel's security forces are bracing for more potential violence in east Jerusalem and the WestBank on Friday after days of clashes in the flashpoint neighborhood of SheikhJarrah
Israeli army and police say troops foiled a weapons smuggling attempt on the Jordan border. 50 pistols seized1 year ago
Israeli army and police say troops foiled a weapons smuggling attempt on the Jordan border. 50 pistols seized
During an initiative by Israeli army forces from the Judea Territorial Brigade in cooperation with the Israel Police in Hebron, four M16 weapons and other illegal weapons were confiscated. Two suspects were also arrested
Israeli army says troops seized 4 rifles and weapon parts during a raid in Hebron. Two Palestinian suspects arrested
Israel says it won't cooperate with UN human rights probe
Israeli army says troops downed a drone that crossed into Israeli airspace from Gaza earlier today
Israeli army Chief of Staff Kohavi is heading to Singapore for the annual airshow. The military says he will also conduct security meetings there. In his absence, deputy CoS Herzi Halevi will fill his place
Israeli President Herzog met today in Jerusalem with Turkish president Erdogan's senior adviser @ikalin1 ahead of his planned visit to Turkey in March
Israeli army says troops downed a Hezbollah drone that crossed into Israeli airspace from Lebanon
1 year ago
The Ukrainian MFA has summoned Israel's ambassador to Kyiv to demand an explanation, following Israeli media reports that Jerusalem requested Moscow's assistance in evacuating its citizens from Ukraine in case of war
1 year ago
Syrian MoD confirm Israeli strike on Zakiyah, Damascus, with surface to surface missile from occupied Golan Heights. No AD was activated
Israelis conducted an operation near Damascus tonight, reportedly they had been waiting to do it for quite some days according to reports from @YehoshuaYosi, the Russians didn't interfere, looks like an Iranian-linked target was bombed
Israel told Russia ahead of a possible invasion of Ukraine it will need help in evacuating its citizens & diplomats from the country. Israeli officials said the message was passed today in a phone call between foreign ministry DG @AlonUshpiz & Russian DFM Bogdanov
1 year ago
The military wing of Hamas announces the death of a member due to a tunnel collapse in Gaza. It is not immediately clear when the collapse occured
1 year ago
Israel Police arrest 17 Israelis suspected of being behind attacks on Palestinians in northern West Bank town of Hawara last month. Convoy of cars drove through Hawara (key artery in Nablus region) throwing rocks at stores/passersby. TBD if indictments actually come down
Black smoke in the center of Tel Aviv: A fire broke out this morning very close to the Habima Theater