12 July 2024
Clashes erupt at Al-Aqsa Mosque between Israeli police and Palestinians
2 rockets were fired towards Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel a short time ago. One is said to have fallen in an open area, the other in Gaza. No sirens as the rocket fell in open area. It's said Israel's Chief of Staff was in the area celebrating Passover at the time.
"We remain extremely concerned by the continuing violence" in Jerusalem, says White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
The UN envoy to the Middle East: The images of violence inside the Al-Qibli Mosque in Al-Aqsa are horrifying and disturbed by the Israeli security forces beating the Palestinians and arresting a large number of them
1 year ago
Clashes reported in Tura Al Gharbiya near Jenin West Bank
From Israeli army  strikes on Hamas' positions earlier today1 year ago
From Israeli army strikes on Hamas' positions earlier today
Israeli armed forces beat Palestinian worshippers in the Al-Qibli Prayer Hall in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday night
1 year ago
Turkey strongly condemns the Israeli forces' storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the arrest of large numbers of Palestinians
Lion's Den militia group claims the responsibility for 107mm launch from Gaza towards Sderot1 year ago
Lion's Den militia group claims the responsibility for 107mm launch from Gaza towards Sderot
1 year ago
The district commander at the scene of the attack: the terrorist - a resident of Hebron in his 20s
The President of the Emirates spoke by phone with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
1 year ago
Preliminary reports: 2 people were stabbed at Tzrifin Junction in central Israel. According to MDA one person is in moderate condition with the other in light condition. Assailant apprehended by police. Some reports suggest another person fled the scene.
Two Palestinians were injured during clashes with the Israeli forces in the village of Kafr Nima, west of Ramallah, at dawn today
Israeli forces arrested two Palestinian youths in the village of Beit Liqia, southwest of Ramallah
A military source: the Israeli aviation carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus and the southern region, and our air defense media intercepted the missiles of aggression and shot down most of them.
Israeli raid resulted in the death of two civilians and some material losses
Israeli FM @elicoh1: Spoke with French FM to coordinate measures to contain Iran’s nuclear program. Israel and France see eye to eye on danger of nuclear Iran. Only determined & coordinated action by West will lead to sanction that tighten the ring around neck of rule of terror in Tehran.
Israel's PMO office: due to the security situation, PM is "delaying" defence minister Gallant firing
1 year ago
Al-Qassam Brigades: The drone that was targeted by Israeli warplanes over the Gaza Strip belongs to us and was on a training mission
1 year ago
At least 2 Palestinian youths killed after Israeli military launched fresh raid into Nablus, occupied West Bank
Israel raises the state of alert on the northern border after dropping a drone last night
News of Israeli raids in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport
1 year ago
Israeli air defence shoots down drone from Syria over the Golan Heights
Reports a second IRGC member Moqdad Mehghani who was injured in the Israeli attack on the Damascus region a few nights ago has died. IRGC officer and advisor Milad Heydari was the first confirmed Iranian death in this attack
For the 13th week in a row and regardless of the suspension of the legislation: more than 100K Israelis demonstrate tonight in Tel Aviv and tens of thousands more across the country in protest of the Netanyahu plan to weaken the supreme court and other Democratic institutions
An IRGC advisor and officer, Milad Heydari, was killed in the alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus last night, according to Iranian media
SANA publishes images of Syrian air defenses engaging the alleged Israeli airstrike over Damascus
The Defense Ministry and IAI successfully launched the Ofek 13 spy satellite into space early this morning1 year ago
The Defense Ministry and IAI successfully launched the Ofek 13 spy satellite into space early this morning
1 year ago
Israeli army says Palestinians hurled an IED from a passing vehicle at troops near the Salem checkpoint in the northern West Bank. Soldiers returned fire at the car as it fled. No Israeli army injuries
1 year ago
Agence France-Presse: Greek police stopped Pakistanis planning to strike Israeli targets