21 June 2024
Saudi Foreign Ministry: We condemn the decision of the Israeli authorities to allow re-settlement in the West Bank
Israeli army says a military drone crashed in Syria during a "routine operation." No fear of information leaking, the Israeli army adds.
1 year ago
Israeli army says troops are operating in Nablus to take measurements of the home of the Palestinian who carried out the deadly shooting in Huwara on Feb 26., ahead of a potential demolition
Syrian state media says Israel struck the Aleppo Airport early this morning, causing damage
VIDEO: Large explosions reported at Aleppo Airport and Nairab Military Airport in Syria. Israel likely conducting strikes
Leaders of Israel's reservists protest movement warn that "tens of thousands" will refuse to serve in the army if the parliament passes the laws that would weaken the judiciary
1 year ago
Reports of clashes in the town of Roumana near Jenin West Bank
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry: The statements of the Israeli Minister of Finance regarding the denial of the existence of the Palestinian people are inflammatory and unacceptable due to their racist gestures
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry: The statements of the Israeli Minister of Finance undermine the efforts aimed at achieving calm between the Palestinian and Israeli sides
One the Israelis who were shot in Dizengoff Street gunfire attack in Tel Aviv City 10 days ago died from his injuries
1 year ago
Israeli army says that 6 terror suspects were detained all over the West Bank as part of security operation Wavebreaker overnight
1 year ago
Israel Army Radio: The suspect who was shot by the security forces is the perpetrator of the Hawara attack
1 year ago
*MDA Spokesperson* A report was received at 15.57 in MDA's 101 Emergency Call Center in the Yarkon Region of a shooting near Inabus Junction. *Initial Reports Only* MDA EMTs and Paramedics along with Israeli army medical teams are treating 2 victims, one in serious condition
Unconfirmed reports in Gaza: Hamas and PIJ officials abroad went into hiding after this mornings assassination of the PIJ official in Damascus
1 year ago
1 Gaza rocket fell in an open area in Nahal Oz, in southern Israel on Saturday evening, setting off sirens in near the Gaza Strip, just 2 days after two members of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas groups were killed in Jenin. No injuries reported
Israeli Forces fire flares over Mount Gerizim in Nablus1 year ago
Israeli Forces fire flares over Mount Gerizim in Nablus
A terrorist who attempted to damage Israeli cars on the Husan bypass road near Beitar was shot in the foot and fled
1 year ago
Red alert warning (18:48) at Nachal Oz
1 year ago
Clashes broke out between Israeli army forces and rioters near Beita, near ShkhemNablus WestBank
1 year ago
Al-Jazeera correspondent: Nidal Khazim, a leader in the Al-Quds Brigades, and Youssef Shreim, a leader in the Al-Qassam Brigades, was assassinated in the Jenin operation
Tel Aviv's Azrieli towers and an ocean of people
Protest in Haifa
Israeli army reinforcements are entering Jenin West Bank1 year ago
Israeli army reinforcements are entering Jenin West Bank
Students in Jerusalem. What you hear is DE MOH KRAT YA
1 year ago
Emirati President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed has announced a $3 million grant to rebuild the Palestinian village of Hawara
The settlers entered Joseph's tomb under strict protection from the forces1 year ago
The settlers entered Joseph's tomb under strict protection from the forces
Israel recently approved the export licenses for the possible sale of anti-drone jamming systems that could help Ukraine counter Iranian drones used by Russia during the war, three Israeli and Ukrainian officials said
Netanyahu rejects President Herzog's compromise proposal for judicial reform: "Many parts of his proposal only perpetuate the current status and do not restore the balance between the different branches of power. This is the sad truth"
1 year ago
Reports in Gaza: the shooting that was heard in the area of the Erez crossing point was an attempt of the factions militants to shoot down an Israeli army UAV Israel
The Israeli army: A security force killed a person who infiltrated from Lebanon and detonated an explosive device south of Haifa on Monday morning