20 July 2024
1 year ago
NOTAM's issued for Israeli airspace along Gaza, Lebanon and Syrian borders 6km out in anticipation of International Quds Day tomorrow
1 year ago
Channel 13 News: IDF is preparing for a multi frontal rocket attack or/and a massive drone strike on different regions in #Israel
1 year ago
Israel on elevated alert for rocket/drone attacks from all fronts on Friday, entire nation currently covered by air defenses, @newsisrael13 reports. Quds Force chief met with Hezbollah, Hamas & Islamic Jihad leaders in Beirut last week
Israel PM Netanyahu bans Jewish visits at Temple Mount until the end of Ramadan
Israeli army confirms incident near Nablus, says troops shot two Palestinian gunmen dead, seized three M16 rifles and two handguns in the area1 year ago
Israeli army confirms incident near Nablus, says troops shot two Palestinian gunmen dead, seized three M16 rifles and two handguns in the area
Initial reports of shots fired by Israeli forces at a Palestinian suspect near the Cave of the Patriarchs/Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. Further details unclear
1 year ago
Israeli army says forces have rescued another 10 civilians from flooding in southern Israel
1 year ago
Israeli army says troops detained five Palestinian suspects in Jenin who were planning an imminent attack
1 year ago
Palestinian health ministry says one killed in the Israeli army raid in Aqabat Jabr.
Israel's Defense Ministry signs a 1.44 billion NIS (370 million euros) deal to export Spike missiles to Greece
Syrian army's 4th armored division sends reinforcements & weapons to Israel border, @N12News reports citing Syrian sources
1 year ago
Secretary General of #Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah is meeting in these hours with the head of the political bureau of #Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh and with senior of Hamas, Saleh Al-Arori.
The Israeli army: The Syrian regime is responsible for everything that happens on its territory
IDF says it carried out a drone strike against the launchers used to fire rockets into Israel from Syria earlier, and fighter jets hit a military compound belonging to the Syrian army’s 4th Division, as well as a radar and artillery posts.
1 year ago
IDF says it is carrying out artillery strikes in southern Syria, from where six rockets were launched at the Golan Heights
1 year ago
IDF says 3 rockets fired from Syria. One intercepted, one landed in open area, one fell short In Syria.
Scene of the Tel Aviv attack, which left one Israeli dead and 7 injured
One person has been killed in the car-ramming attack in Tel Aviv.
Image from the scene of the shooting and car-ramming attack. Police say the driver has been "neutralized."
Netanyahu is holding security consultations with senior officials after the shooting in the Jordan Valley
1 year ago
Three people are critically hurt in a vehicular collision near the Hamra junction on the Route 57 highway in the West Bank, MDA says, adding that there is a suspicion of a shooting attack.
1 year ago
The Israeli Air Force targeted Hamas sites in Rashidieh camp, southern Lebanon
IDF confirms it struck Hamas targets in Southern Lebanon and says that it holds Lebanon responsible for attacks from its soil.
1 year ago
Israeli warplanes continue to strike Gaza.
PM Netanyahu: "The internal debate in Israel will not prevent us from acting against [our enemies], in any place and whenever necessary. We will strike our enemies and they will pay a price for any act of aggression."
The US State Department: We condemn the firing of missiles at Israel, and it has the right to defend itself
The Israeli army: We are investigating Iran's role in the missile launches
Israeli media citing an Israeli army spokesperson says Hamas is behind the rocket launches in northern Israel
The Lebanese Army: Rocket launchers and rockets ready for launch were found in the south of the country, and work is underway to dismantle them
Israeli foreign ministry instructed Israeli ambassadors to convey a message to host governments that Israel is going to retaliate to the rocket fire from Lebanon. “You need to speak to stress that Israel will take the needed steps to defend itself”, the instruction said