14 July 2024
Israel's Israeli coalition and the opposition agreed the Knesset will dissolved by midnight on Wednesday
Israeli Prime Minister's Office: Hamas bears responsibility for the situation of the captured civilians, and we will continue our efforts to return them under Egyptian mediation
2 year ago
The military wing of Hamas says the health of one of the Israeli captives held by the group in the Gaza Strip is deteriorating
UN finds journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli fire
2 year ago
"Amjad, 24, another relative, added: "The settlers were scared at first, but when the army + police arrived they were given security. The stabber did not talk to us, he only stabbed, then took the knife back, and fled. The police + army saw and did nothing to stop him"
2 year ago
"Hamas" decides to resume its relations with Syria after a 10-year pause
Police say officers arrested a 37-year-old Palestinian from Anata near Jerusalem's Temple Mount yesterday, after he turned himself claiming he planned to commit a stabbing attack, but regretted it at the last moment
Israeli army says troops arrested 20 Palestinians suspected of terror activities during overnight raids in the West Bank2 year ago
Israeli army says troops arrested 20 Palestinians suspected of terror activities during overnight raids in the West Bank
Pipe bomb hurled toward ISF personnel operating at Balata Refugee Camp in eastern Nablus City2 year ago
Pipe bomb hurled toward ISF personnel operating at Balata Refugee Camp in eastern Nablus City
2 year ago
Video showing part of Saraya Al Quds Military Maneuver "Determination of the Truthful" across western Gaza. During the maneuver, more than 400 testing rockets were fired toward the sea
2 year ago
An unarmed Palestinian who attempted to cross into Israeli territory from southern Gaza was arrested by Israeli army troops, the military says
Clashes erupt between young men and forces in the town of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem
Israeli Prime Minister Bennett's office says government to be disbanded, nation to go to new elections
Israel PM Bennett: Operational efforts in Turkey thwarted a number of planned attacks against Israelis, several militants arrested. Bennett: Working with the Turks to prevent further attack against Israelis. I want to thank Erdogan and his people for their efforts
2 year ago
.PIJ has just launched a batch of rockets from Gaza towards the sea during its military exercises
Bennett's office: The head of the Israeli National Security Agency paid a diplomatic visit to Jordan on behalf of the Prime Minister
2 year ago
NYT joins Bellingcat, The Associated Press, CNN and The Washington Post in concluding Israeli military probably killed Al Jazeera journalist ShireenAbuAkleh
Reuters on the Israeli Defense Minister: The new alliance is confronting the Iranian threats to Israel and other countries in the region
2 year ago
Photos: Testing rockets fired from Gaza toward the sea
Defense Minister Gantz in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the warnings of terrorist attacks in Turkey: We have prepared powerful responses in case they need to be activated in all sorts of places. Injury to Israeli citizens will lead us to activate them
Israel's National Cyber Directorate suspects the sirens heard yesterday via a number of municipal loudspeakers in Jerusalem and Eilat, were a result of a cyber attack
The Israeli newspaper "Jerusalem Post": Russian threats against the armed groups supported by the United States in Syria will affect the war that Israel is waging against Iran in Syria
Israeli Defense: Iran is seeking to acquire a nuclear weapon and destabilize the region
2 year ago
Preliminary assessment in the Israeli army: Islamic Jihad fired rockets into Israeli territory last night, in response to the assassination of the three militants in Jenin on Thursday night
US Senators @LindseyGrahamSC and @SenOssoff insist against lowering post of Israeli-Palestinian envoy The USSC focuses on bolstering coordination between Palestinian security forces and Israel
2 year ago
Heavy explosions are heard in northern Gaza according to locals, as the Israeli army reportedly launches a new wave of strikes
2 year ago
Red alert warning (03:10) at Ashkelon Southern Industrial Zone, Nativ Ha'asara, Mavki'im, Ashkelon, Zikim, Karmia
2 year ago
Israeli Mossad believes Iran plans significant attacks in Istanbul this weekend and that the Iranian operation is already under way, with attacks possible within hours, including against tourists within their hotel rooms - @N12News
2 year ago
The Israeli army: There are no fears of leakage of information after the fall of the balloon in the northern Gaza Strip
2 year ago
The Israeli army observation drone was not shot down by Palestinians. The Israeli army says there is no fear of major intelligence leak