Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

24 June 2017
Hezbollah chief Nasrallah: in any future war with Israel, we might open our space for hundreds of thousands of "Mujahedeen" from the region
Nasrallah: Resistance in Gaza,Leb doesn't give Israel a door or a window to victory and is what deters Israel from attacking
Nasrallah: "We have knowledge that Israel air force bombing Yemen." Claims that Hezbollah discovered this.
Nasrallah: Palestinians feel betrayed, Israelis say "look at the Arabs (they turned their backs)". It is psychological war
Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah begins his Quds Day speech
Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah begins his Quds Day speech
#QudsDay 2017 In Iran
Israeli army says a man has crossed into Lebanon from Israel's Upper Galilee
Hezbollah operating from outposts in Southern Lebanon, clearly violating UN Security Council Resolution 1701
Head of Israeli army Military Intelligence: "Lebanon can thrive, but Hezbollah will drag it down again. Lebanon must chose, world must help it."
Egypt will reopen its representative office in Gaza following #EidAlFitr
"We are all touched by the events in Marawi and the effect they brought to the people of Marawi.": Israel Ambassador in Philippines Effie Ben Matityau
WH reports "productive" Jared Kushner meeting with @netanyahu on next steps in peace process. Kushner to have similar meeting with Abbas.
Readout of Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt, and David Friedman’s Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel
Waqf says 270k came to pray. Less than Friday prayers, way less than last year's Laylatul Qadr. West Bankers were worried after Friday attack
Ra'fat Murra, Hamas media official in Lebanon, to @Annahar: our leadership has not moved from Doha to Beirut
Hezbollah's Military Media: patrol of 19 Israeli army soldiers crossed technical fence on Israel-Lebanon border near Meis el-Jabal at 7:35 AM
Jared Kushner and Trump advisor visit Family of Hadas Malka Murdered in Fridays attack as they arrive in Israel to restart fresh peace talks.
An AP cameraman filming Kushner's arrival in Jerusalem was forced to delete the images on his memory card.
Israel just launched a containerized ballistic missile from the deck of a ship
Turkish ship carrying tons of aid, including food and clothes, arrives at Israeli port en route to blockaded Gaza
The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company has indicated that electricity provision to Gazan households will now increase to 6 hours daily
Former Deputy Defense Minister of #Israel Sneh: If Hezbollah fires Iran rockets on Israel, Israel should strike Iran's infrastructure!
The entry of Egyptian diesel trucks to Gaza via the Rafah crossing for the operation of power plants
Egyptian fuel trucks have begun to enter Gaza to supply the sole power plant with diesel
The head of the Israeli Air Force is making it pretty clear in his Herzliya speech today: on possible war in Lebanon
Soon after Bahaa Al-Herbawi was killed at Jaba'a checkpoint, his family home in Eizariyya was raided, his father taken away for interrogation
Israeli army conducts controlled explosion near Kissufim on Gaza border. Army says detonation part of 'routine activities,' not 'out of the ordinary'
UK at UN: Support for a 2 state solution is the only way to ensure a just and lasting resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict
Attempted stabbing attack near West Bank settlement of Adam north of Jerusalem. Attacker shot dead
Israel today broke ground on a new settlement smack in the middle of the West Bank. Someone explain how that's compatible with two states.