Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

21 қыркүйек 2018

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5 month ago
Second Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Gaza following clashes that broke out during a new round of protests Friday, says territory's health ministry
One Israeli army officer suspended from command, another reprimanded, following shooting incident near Nabi Salah in October that resulted in the death of a Palestinian wrongly suspected as an assailant
A fire broke out just after 10 a.m. in Uman, Ukraine in the building next to Rebbe Nachman's grave site. UH EMS volunteers evacuated school children and rescued torah scrolls from the surrounding buildings from the heavy smoke in the area
Lebanese army chief urges troops to ‘be fully prepared’ for Israel attack
Israel Protesters have shut down several roads, police using water cannons and horses to disperse the crowds
Close to 2,000 protests drafting yeshiva students into Israeli army, police dispersing demonstrators trying to shut down local traffic
Tribal sources: A drone carried out an air raid yesterday on an unknown target near the village of Al-Barth south of Rafah. Sinai
President Aoun: Israeli targeting of Lebanon continues.
Israeli military forces entering Kufr Aqab to inspect houses threatened by demolition.10 month ago
Israeli military forces entering Kufr Aqab to inspect houses threatened by demolition.
Lebanon President Aoun says Israeli targeting of Lebanon continues, Lebanon have the right to resist and foil its plans by 'all available means'
Egyptian authorities decided to extend the opening of the Rafah crossing for two additional days to the passage of Palestinian passengers.
Gaza's Rafah border crossing to close after three-day opening
10 month ago
Hamas calls on Palestinian Authority to reject US 'pressure and blackmail.'
Reuters: An Israeli cabinet minister said on Sunday that Israel has had covert contacts with Saudi Arabia amid common concerns over Iran, a first disclosure by a senior Israeli official of such contacts
Israel president denies pardon to manslaughter soldier
There are no official diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, story apparently different when it comes to intel exchange against common foe: Iran
10 month ago
Israel has again fired tank shells into Syria from Golan Heights, hitting the area between Hadar and Ain el Tineh. This is the second day in a row that Israel has fired tank shells into Syrian govt-controlled areas.
Israeli cabinet ministers vote to deport almost 40,000 Africans in what PM Netanyahu calls the "accelerated removal" of migrants
More than 300 Israeli Jews get military escort as they pray at Younis mosque in West Bank town of Halhul
Rafah Crossing continues for the second consecutive day from both directions.
PM Netanyahu to speak on the phone at noon with French President @EmmanuelMacron
Israeli PM Netanyahu to be questioned over two alleged cases of corruption, reports say
10 month ago
Palestinians say they will suspend all communication with Trump administration if US closes PLO office in Washington
10 month ago
Egypt to open Gaza border for 3 days: Palestinian official
Israeli army spx response to the incident in Burin. Contrary to what is seen in the video10 month ago
Israeli army spx response to the incident in Burin. "Contrary to what is seen in the video"
Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinians in the village of Burin as Israeli army soldiers look on
US ambassador ‘confident’ Trump will move embassy to Jerusalem
Israel ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to face Iran: defence chief
Al-Jubayr: Allies are being consulted on Hezbollah and there will be a decision at the right time
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad: "Anyone who has a minimum understanding of military facts knows that the front with the Israeli enemy in Syria and Lebanon has become one."
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