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19 4月 2018

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F-35 overflight at 70-years of Israeli Independence celebration
Fighter jets flying over Jerusalem #Happeningnow as part of Israel Independence Day celebrations
The automatic telephone system calling up Israel Army reservists was activated Thursday morning in error, according to a statement by the Israel Army Spokesman's Office. "To be clear, this is an error and will be checked," the statement said. "There is no general call up of reservists."
Israeli army says it accidentally called up reservists because of a malfunction. Army clarifies that there is no call-up.
16 時 前
Israeli artillery fired several shells at eastern border of the Gaza Strip.
19 時 前
[email protected]: Best wishes to Prime Minister @Netanyahu and all of the people of Israel on the 70th Anniversary of your Great Independence. We have no better friends anywhere. Looking forward to moving our Embassy to Jerusalem next month.
Israel defense minister says a big terror attack that planned for the independence say tomorrow was foiled, after a large bomb in a truck was captured
EU passes bill to promote anti-hate education in Palestinian schools
Israel: Gaza resident carrying large knife arrested by police at the Qaladiya crossing north of Jerusalem, no injuries, suspect being questioned23 時 前
Israel: Gaza resident carrying large knife arrested by police at the Qaladiya crossing north of Jerusalem, no injuries, suspect being questioned
Aieplane traveling from London to Tel Aviv was forced into an emergency landing in Vienna on Wednesday after legendary Israeli singer Tzvika Pik fell ill on-board
Details about the (alleged) Israeli attack on the T4 base: the target was an advanced Iranian air defense system that just arrived from Tehran and a hanger used to house Iranian drones. The attack was coordinated with @realDonaldTrump - @WSJ
According to the organizers, some 6,000 people attended yesterday's Israeli-Palestinian alternative memorial ceremony in Tel Aviv
Iran says its military power no threat to neighbors
1 日 前
Five Palestinians said injured by Israeli army fire after approaching Gaza border
Israeli army withdrawing F-15 participation in Red Flag exercises with US
1 日 前
An Israeli tank fired at a "Hamas position" in response to alleged gunshots fired towards an army unit placing new barbed wire on the Gazan side of the fence
According to a Syrian source the false alarm last night was caused by "a joint electronic attack" by Israel and the US that targeted the Syrian radar system
An Iranian drone is visible on recent sat images (Jan and March), precisely at the place indicated by Israeli army in DeirEzzor AB. Made possible with takeover of city from IS late 2017.
2 日 前
Israeli army sources said to confirm Iran has established air forces in Syria and are planning retaliatory attacks in Israel
Map of five Iranian airbases in Syria, could be targeted in any case of Iranian action against Israel
According to the article, IRGC Qods force commander General Qassem Suleimanei is overseeing the upcoming Iranian response to the Israeli strike against the T4 airbase that killed several IRGC operatives in Syria
Israeli military source to Sky News Arabia: our estimations indicate that Iran could respond with drones, guided directly by the IRGC
The news about strikes n Aleppo and Damascus and Sub are false allegation. The rumors about striking Al-Dumair airbase are denied, however the S200 Air-Defense system in the 116 governmentnt has launched 5 rockets, the same system has been used in Israeli strikes on Feb, and the US-Led strikes.
Israeli military source to Sky News Arabia: Israel will forcefully respond to any Iranian operation carried out from within Syrian lands
High Court says Palestinian families allowed to enter Israel for joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony, overturning Liberman's refusal
More from the @ynet report: Israeli army spokesperson says Iranian air force presence in Syria has 3 arms: an armed and intelligence-gathering drone unit; a short- Intermediate-range missile unit and air defense unit
Israeli army publishes satellite images of the Iranian air force presence in Syria (via Israeli army spokesperson)
Syrian military sources denied to @dpa earlier reports of an missile attack targeting Shayrat Airbase in Homs province. The sources told @dpa that Syrian air defences were activated early Tuesday, but that it turned out to be a false alarm
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
@AP also quotes the Syrian TV claiming to intercept missiles aimed at Shayrat air base in Homs. It did not elaborate or say who carried out the airstrikes. The US denied involvement
Israeli security forces arrested eight wanted Palestinians from various parts of the West Bank overnight.
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