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26 4月 2018

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo greeted by applause from @StateDept staffers as he boards his plane bound for Brussels, Riyadh, Jerusalem and Amman.
US Secretary of State Pompeo will visit Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel at the end of the week
US @DeptofDefense Sec Jim Mattis welcomes Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to the Pentagon, says Iran weapons shipments to Syria likely meant for attacks in Israel. "I can't think of any other purpose for them right now" per Mattis
"The biggest threat to stability in the MiddleEast and maybe not only the MiddleEast is Iranian threat, their efforts to undermine stability in every country-in Yemen, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq" per Israel DefMin Lieberman at the Pentagon
"I hope will will translate our meeting to some very, very concrete, tangible steps on the ground," per Israel DefMin Lieberman at Pentagon
Israel - Iran war? "I can see how it might start. I'm not sure when or where." per SecDef Mattis "I think that it's very like in Syria because Iran continues to do its proxy work there through Lebanese Hezbollah"
At least 3 dead and 10 missing after a bus carrying students got swept away by flash flood waters on a highway in southern Israel.
9 children missing in flash floods that swept a school bus in Negev desert, south Israel 2 teens died yesterday, 1 near his home in Bedouin encampment, 2nd was a 17 y/o Palestinian girl who died in the desert hills east of Bethlehem in the West Bank.
7 時 前
A 16-year-old boy was detained this morning in the northern West Bank and brought in for questioning over suspected involvement in a "price tag" attack earlier this month. He has since been released.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards deputy commander: Israel lives in a state of fear because of the presence of "Resistance forces" on its borders
Deputy commander of IRGC: Iran is capable of strategic strike on its enemies in the region
Lieberman to a Saudi electronic newspaper: The current Iranian government is living the last days
Israel defense minister threatens that if Iran attack Tel Aviv, Israel will attack Teheran
10 時 前
German parliament approves a draft resolution recognizing the Jewish State of Israel
Pompeo expected to travel to Israel next week as a new secretary of state.
The Hamas-affiliated engineer gunned down in Malaysia last week was involved in negotiating weapons deals with North Korea and was assassinated as part of a broad operation by Israel’s Mossad spy agency to dismantle a Hamas project that sends Gaza’s foremost scientists, engineers, and academics overseas in order to advance the group’s weapons programs, the New York Times reported
11 時 前
Five Palestinians arrested overnight by Israel security forces
Liberman to meet with senior US officials in Washington on Thursday
Czech president: The time has come to move our embassy to Jerusalem
"Berlin wears kippah" solidarity march in the German capital against Anti-Semitism and intolerance.
US State Department refuses to reveal its position on whether West Bank, Golan Heights or Gaza are 'occupied'
Romanian PM visits Israel as embassy row brews
Flooding in Rishon Letzion (Photo: David Avni) @TzurMaor
1 日 前
Correspondent of Al Jazeera: a Palestinian journalist has died from wounds sustained two weeks ago in northern Gaza
1 日 前
Palestinian journalist dies after being shot by Israeli army forces during Gaza border clashes two weeks ago, Palestinian media reports
Germany's Justice Minister @KatarinaBarley calls it an "important sign of solidarity" - after an anti-Semitic attack on a young man, today Germans are wearing a kippah in demos
Serious hail storm in the southern Israeli town of Dimona.
1 日 前
Hamas movement source in Gaza tells the Palestinian faction which governs the Gaza Strip denies the presence of any negotiations on a prisoner exchange deal with Israel
Eastern Med: 2X USAF tankers 1X USAF RC-135U Combat Sent 3X IAF glf5's1 日 前
Eastern Med: 2X USAF tankers 1X USAF RC-135U Combat Sent 3X IAF glf5's
The Islamic Republic will definitely punish Israel for the air strike on the Syrian T-4 airbase near Homs, Iranian officials said on Tuesday
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