Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

25 May 2020
Scene from the first explosion targeting Hamas' police members near Gaza city9 month ago
Scene from the first explosion targeting Hamas' police members near Gaza city
9 month ago
Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi: "We affirm our readiness to respond firmly and by all available means to any aggression targeting Iraq."
Iraqi MP: next week, Parliament will discuss Israeli attacks on Iraq
9 month ago
Iraq: Cabinet met today and discussed "ongoing investigations" into attacks on PMF bases across Iraq over the last 5+ weeks, but no details on preliminary findings. With weekly presser with @AdilAbdAlMahdi cancelled, no opportunity today to ask him directly
In Lebanon, Defense Council holds a meeting under the leadership of President Aoun
Israel has begun placing mobile shelters at various points in the north of the country as tensions escalate between Israel and Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran
9 month ago
Israeli foreign minister @Israel_katz arrived in London today and will meet tomorrow with Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab. The Israeli foreign ministry hasn't announced Katz visit to the UK
9 month ago
Israeli tanks targeted a Hamas point with shell, east of the middle Gaza Strip
9 month ago
Israeli army aircrafts attacked Hamas position in northern Gaza in response to mortar fire targeted recently Israeli territory
9 month ago
Mortar shelling near border: 4 were fired, 3 fell short, one landed near the border fence
9 month ago
A suspected Israeli drone attack on a Hezbollah site in southern Lebanon targeted crates believed to contain machinery to mix high-grade propellant for precision guided missiles: The Times
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: " I want to tell Nasrallah and the Lebanese state, which is sheltering this organization that aspires to destroy us, and I also say this to Qassem Soleimani: Be careful with your words and be even more careful with your actions."
Source in the Gaza factions to Al Jazeera: "If Hezbollah will engage the Israeli forces in the north , all the factions will engage the occupation forces in the south"
Unidentified aircraft targeted the Iranian militia positions near al- Bukamal city east of Deir ez-Zur
Confirmed that there was at least one airstrike in Bukamal. Iranian-backed militias then fired back with 23mm cannons. Nothing was shot down
Deir ez-Zur : Unidentified aircraft targeted the Iranian militia positions near al-Bukamal city east of Deir ez-Zur
9 month ago
Hezbollah states the second Israeli drone that crashed in Beirut last night was not a surveillance drone and carried 5.5kg of C4 explosive. Therefore they state this drone was planning to carry out an attack, just like the first drone that exploded
Al-Mayadeen claims Israeli media is quoting high-ranking Israeli officer saying Israeli army Northern Command has been on high alert for two days
9 month ago
Israeli reconnaissance UAVs are flying over Lebanon
Bahrain FM justifies Israeli strikes on pro-Iran Shia militias: Iran declared war on us with its Revolutionary Guards, Lebanese party [i.e. Hezbollah], PMF in Iraq, and Houthi arm in Yemen. One who strikes them and destroys their military equipment can't be blamed. It's self-defense
Alleged video of drone that crashed in the southern suburbs of Beirut at the Hezbollah Media Center9 month ago
Alleged video of drone that crashed in the southern suburbs of Beirut at the Hezbollah Media Center
9 month ago
Factions fired at an Israeli army quadcopter over Khuza'a, east of Khan Younis
Netanyahu calls on international community to oppose Iran in video in Hebrew
9 month ago
Israel army deploys more troops to the border amid Iran, Hezbollah threats
Tzfat (Safed) municipality held an emergency situation assessment following the tensions Lebanon and Syria
New Iron Dome missile defense system deployed near the Israeli border with Syria and Lebanon
In light of threats of war in the north and Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz to receive a security briefing from the PM's military secretary and the national security adviser
Ayoun on recent situation with strikes: What happened is a "declaration of war" that allows us to resort to our right to defend our sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry says it will take all diplomatic and legal measures to stop any action that violates Iraq's sovereignty
Israeli army forces closing off some roads near the Lebanon border as part of preparations for possible Hezbollah ATGM attacks. Sources in Lebanon say Israeli army patrols along the border have almost completely ceased so as not to give them an easy target
9 month ago
Initial unconfirmed reports of an IED explosion near the settlement of Alon Moreh in the northern West Bank
Israeli Security Cabinet meeting ends after 4 hours
PFLP leader Zahar Al Shashati demands that the Joint Gaza factions operations room to retaliate to the recent Israeli strikes in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza
Israeli warplanes overflew the villages of Marjayoun district in southern Lebanon at medium altitude
Israeli army Spokesman in Arabic Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee on his Twitter page: "Quds Force Shiite militants killed yesterday in Syria were trained in Iran alongside other militia operatives operating against Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen and other regions in the Middle East"
2 possible Israeli drones flying around in southern Lebanon. Both appeared around 10 minutes ago on flight radar9 month ago
2 possible Israeli drones flying around in southern Lebanon. Both appeared around 10 minutes ago on flight radar
9 month ago
Israeli army UAV over Baalbek, Eastern Lebanon
Israeli UAVs are flying in the skies of Sourhern Lebanon
Reportedly Israeli warplanes carry out three raids on a military base of the Popular Front in Eastern Lebanon's Bekaa
9 month ago
Israeli forces shelled two Hamas positions near the town of Beit Lahia in northern Gaza
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