26 September 2021
8 month ago
Ongoing ISF operation/ clashes in Beita village S Nablus City
8 month ago
Molotov cocktails attack towards Israeli settlers bus traveling near Huwwara village entrance, Route 60, South Nablus City
Former Israeli army Chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot remarks about Hezbollah capabilities and the extensive damage a conflict would cause on the civilian population
Ongoing ISF operation/ clashes in Al Issawiyah neighborhood E of Jerusalem City
The Iranian Armed Forces: We will settle Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground if the Zionists commit the slightest mistake
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hoping to avoid an immediate clash with President Biden over Iran, will give dialogue a chance, three senior Israeli officials told
Israeli Defense Minister: We will use all available means, in terms of security, intelligence and economics, to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon
Spokesman for the Iranian forces: We will destroy Tel Aviv and erase it if Israel commits any stupidity against our nuclear facilities
Spokesman for the Iranian armed forces: Israel's talk of destroying our nuclear facilities is just a pipe dream
8 month ago
Israeli officials: Netanyahu does not want an immediate confrontation with Biden over Iran and will provide an opportunity for dialogue
Ongoing ISF operation/ clashes at Kufur Malek village NE Ramallah City
Defense Minister Gantz will deliver a statement from the Israeli army headquarters in Tel Aviv at 18:00
IAF jets scrambled to the Gaza border due to a possible suspected drone infiltration, likely to be cleared soon.  (Photo: Moshe Azriel)8 month ago
IAF jets scrambled to the Gaza border due to a possible suspected drone infiltration, likely to be cleared soon. (Photo: Moshe Azriel)
8 month ago
Al-Arabiya claims: "Israel deploys military reinforcements in the Golan heights"
Photo: ISF arrested two Palestinians in Shu'fat Refugee Camp NE of Jerusalem City
VIDEO: Clashes this evening between Palestinian rioters and ISF in al-Issawiya, Jerusalem
Ongoing ISF operation/ clashes in Al Issawiyah neighborhood E of Jerusalem City; Molotov cocktails hurled towards ISF vehicle
The Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army: We have prepared plans for a possible attack on Iran with the aim of thwarting its attempts to approach a nuclear bomb
8 month ago
Ongoing ISF operation/ clashes in Qalaqiliya City
Ongoing ISF operation/ clashes in Hizma village N of Jerusalem City
Bahraini foreign minister al-Zayani says at @INSSIsrael that if Israel and the Gulf states will reach a unified position on Iran they will be able to have more influence on the Biden administration
The next war with Lebanon is going to be extremely bloody, Kochavi says "the Israeli army making great efforts to increase its bank of targets, the rate of which has increased significantly"
Israeli foreign minister @Gabi_Ashkenazi says Israel must hold quiet intimate talks with the Biden administration on Iran and not engage in any way in a confrontational media campaign
The Israeli Chief of Staff: We will warn the Lebanese and Gazans to leave their homes in the event of war, and a large number of homes in southern Lebanon contain ammunition and missiles
Israeli Chief of Staff: Israel is threatened by missiles from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Iran
Israel: In the next war, thousands of rockets will fall on us, but we will respond in a large way
Israeli army Chief of Staff: "I warn the citizens of Lebanon: as soon as the war begins, leave the places laden with missiles & rockets. The missile & rocket spaces will be flooded with Israeli army attacks. Anyone who does not leave knows today that he lives in a field of missiles & rockets"
Israeli army Chief of Staff: Attacking a launcher in Lebanon will prevent harm to dozens of our citizens. It is our duty to attack all launchers and all missiles." "It is my duty to remind the citizens of Israel: on a day of war, a great many missiles will fall here"
Israeli army Chief of Staff: "The battle between the wars has been going on since 2013. A pre-emptive war to thwart enemy capabilities and keep war at bay. In 2020, we attacked 500 targets. We have reduced the enemy's capabilities to transfer weapons in the air, sea & land
Kochavi: "Israel's strategic situation is improving, and deterrence has increased. No one is interested in initiating an attack against us and attacks usually come as a response. Currently our enemies don't intend, or want to initiate an extensive war or operation
Israeli army military chief: We would not have reached silence in Gaza if it were not for three operations, most notable for the operation against the Islamic Jihad (Operation Black Belt in November 2019)
Israeli army Chief of staff Kochavi at the @INSSIsrael conference: The Israeli army in December carried out a successful commando operation, not necessarily in the first circle of states (not in Israel or bordering states)
Israeli army Chief of Staff Kohavi: "The Israeli army operates in six arenas, including Iran, in six dimensions. All the arenas in which the Israeli army operates outside of Iran are without governance"
[email protected]: Kochavi already begun "battle procedure" for potential attack in Iran - a structured process from defining the mission, planning, until execution. Kochavi knows his exact needs, since striking Iran likely means war in north and possibly south
Israel army wants an addition of several billions dollars for preparing to an attack on Iran, PM Netanyahu and the Defense Minister Gantz support it: Israel's Ynet reports
Stones throwing incident towards a group of foreign journalist inside a vehicle at Mea She'arim neighborhood W of Jerusalem City
Fox News team attacked by an ultra-Orthodox mob in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem
Palestinian media identified the assailant from the attempted stabbing attack near Ariel as Atallah Muhammed Rayan (17) from Qarawat Bani Hassan
The Israeli army: A person who tried to stab soldiers was killed in the West Bank
8 month ago
Stones throwing towards Israeli settlers vehicles traveling near Ofra Settlement NE Ramallah City, Route 60
Initial report: Security alert in the vicinity of Ariel Settlement Junction/ Entrance North Salfit City
From the scene of the attempted stabbing attack near Ariel, Israeli army says they are looking into the details. (Photos: חדשות צ.ב)
Palestinian suspect shot dead after allegedly attempting to stab Israeli army forces near Ariel
Initial reports say a Palestinian attempted to stab soldiers near Ariel, shot and neutralized
Reports of a stabbing incident at Giti Avisar junction near Ariel
Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox rioters in Bet Shemesh are clashing with police, rocks and eggs thrown towards forces
Police forces are operating on Yehezkel St. in Jerusalem as dozens of ultra-Orthodox rioters are hurling stones at passing vehicles, blocking the road with bins. A bus was damaged
Overnight Fire Services were attacked by an ultra-Orthodox mob in Jerusalem while responding to a electricity pole fire caused by rioters, rocks thrown towards their vehicle, causing damage. Similarly, in Bet Shemesh forces had rocks thrown at them
Ongoing ISF operation in Nablus City; ISF presence reported in the vicinity of Al Ta'won area and PA Preventive Security Compound in the City; Clashes expected8 month ago
Ongoing ISF operation in Nablus City; ISF presence reported in the vicinity of Al Ta'won area and PA Preventive Security Compound in the City; Clashes expected
Groups of Palestinian lawyers and activists are currently protesting in front of PA Courts Complex in Ramallah City
8 month ago
Ongoing Israeli army artillery excercise/ drill in occupied Golan Heights, northern Israel. Drill expected to end at 1300 hrs today and resume from 1700 hrs until 2000 hrs tonight
During early morning hours; ISF conducted a search and arrest operation in Shu'fat Refugee Camp NE of Jerusalem City; 9 Palestinians were reportedly arrested
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