5 December 2023
The Times of Israel: The army chief met with generals before the investigation report was published and discussed the possibility of Shirin being hit by an Israeli bullet
INFORMATION - Jerusalem: A Palestinian who was shot and seriously injured by ISF in Al Aqsa Mosque in the third week of Ramadan, died from his injuries. Clashes expected today at several neighborhoods in Jerusalem City following the funeral procession; More updates will follow
1 year ago
The Palestinian Public Prosecution: A preliminary investigation confirms that the only source of fire at the time of Shirin's injury was from the forces
White House says Biden discussed 'vehicles to stem violence' in Israel, West Bank in meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah
Scenes of air defenses responding to targets in the Masyaf area
The Syrian newspaper Al-Watan, which is affiliated with the government, reports that these are Israeli attacks
Al Jazeera Network: Israeli forces severely beat the coffin bearers of the late Arab and international media
A group of ISF elements at Jaffa Gate seen assaulting @LanaKamleh, a Palestinian female journalist from Jerusalem City during the funeral procession of Shireen Abu Aqla
Video showing ISF undercover elements arresting a Palestinian at Jaffa Gate
Another video showing ISF elements who stormed Saint Joseph Hospital beating a group of Palestinians carrying the body of late Journalist Shireen Abu Aqla who was shot dead by ISF during ISF operation in Jenin City three days ago
1 year ago
Local sources: At the end of the arrest operation in Wadi Burqin, Jenin, an army announced that an officer from Al Yamam was wounded by Palestinian fire, and a helicopter came to evacuate Palestine
Clashes are reported between Israeli army troops and Palestinian gunmen in the Jenin refugee camp. The Israeli army says it is operating in the nearby West Bank town of Burqin
Israeli army says troops shot and wounded Palestinian who allegedly hurled a brick at an Israeli car and attempted to open the door, near Beit El in the West Bank. A knife was also found on the suspect, the military says
Israeli National Security Adviser: We have no intention of "dragging ourselves, the region or the U.S. into a military conflict with Iran"
1 year ago
Khamenei: During the events that unfolded in the SheikhJarrah neighborhood last year, some Arab countries' support for the Palestinian people was even less than that of some Europeans and they took no stance at all. And they're still continuing in the same way
1 year ago
Khamenei: The decades long oppression of the Palestinian people by the vicious Zionists is a bitter reality & a blow to the Muslim world & the Arab world. Against such crimes, the Islamic Republic of Iran expects the Arab world to explicitly enter the realm of political action
Israeli army says troops arrested nine Palestinians suspected of involvement in terror activities, including two who allegedly aided the Elad militants, during overnight raids in the West Bank
Israeli army says troops arrested nine Palestinians suspected of involvement in terror activities during overnight raids in the West Bank
The Palestinian minister for civilian affairs @HusseinSheikhpl confirms that the PA rejected an Israeli proposal for a joint investigation regarding the death of Shirin Abu Akleh and says the Palestinians will conduct their own investigation and update Qatar and U.S
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: We call for an immediate and thorough investigation and full accountability for the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
In briefing with journalists, Israel's Defense Minister @gantzbe says Israel has asked the Palestinians for the bullet that killed al-Jazeera journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh for assessment. Can't conduct a full forensic investigation without it, he said
Israeli army says the explosion heard over central Israel a short while ago was likely a sonic boom from IAF jets
Israeli army chief says he regrets journalist's death, still unclear who shot her via @timesofisrael
Israeli army publishes a video of troops operating in Jenin earlier this morning, under heavy gunfire. The Israeli army says it is continuing to investigate the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh
Reporters Without Borders Secretary-General: The killing of Shireen Abu Akleh is a violation of the Geneva Convention and the protection it requires for journalists
Defense Minister Benny Gantz says the initial findings from the incident in Jenin show no Israeli army fire was directed at Al-Jazeera correspondent Shirin Abu Aqleh. Gantz says the findings will be shared with the US and the PA
Quneitra: Israel targets the headquarters of the Hezbollah in Jabbatha al-Khashab in the northern countryside of Quneitra. This is the second targeting in several hours, and without a response from the Hezbollah
Israel targets Hezbollah and Pro-Assad forces sites twice within hours in Quneitra
1 year ago
A network smuggling weapons by sea destined for Hamas in Gaza was dismantled in a joint operation by the IsraeliNavy and the Shin Bet (Israeli Internal Security Service)
1 year ago
Israeli military suggests Al Jazeera journalist may have been killed by Palestinian gunmen, offers joint investigation