12 July 2024
Israeli army spokesman Hagari: "Hamas has already lost control over large parts of the Strip and we will continue to collapse Hamas' ability in Gaza"
9 month ago
The bombing of a house for the infant family on Al-Hatabiya Street in Beit Lahia, with injuries and reports of dead
Blinken: The United States stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel and its people
US Secretary of State: We are doing everything we can to release the American hostages
More rockets on Beersheba
Police say one officer seriously hurt, another lightly wounded in the shooting attack near Jerusalem's Old City. Gunman shot by officers
9 month ago
Missile launches into Be'er Sheva: a report of a direct hit in Segev Shalom
Initial report: Shots were fired at a police station in the Old City of Jerusalem, apparently two were injured on the spot
9 month ago
Blinken: I will meet with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Qatar
IAF chief Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar: "We have a list of everyone who participated in the heinous crimes. And you know the Air Force, we will reach everyone."
Prime Minister of the Lebanese Caretaker Government: We will submit a protest against Israel to the Security Council
9 month ago
U.S. and Qatar agree to stop Iran from tapping $6 billion humanitarian fund as authorities probe Hamas attack in Israel
9 month ago
Airstrikes on Tal El Hawa and Rafah
9 month ago
Britain will send Royal Navy ships and spy planes to support Israel
9 month ago
Qassem brigades spokesman Abu Ubaida: We call on all the living forces of our nation to mobilize and enter the battle of Al-Aqsa Storm
9 month ago
Al-Qassam Brigades: We attacked all 15 bases of the Israeli Gaza Division during the operation against Israel
Israeli airstrike, Khan Younis, southern Gaza9 month ago
Israeli airstrike, Khan Younis, southern Gaza
Israeli army names another 25 soldiers killed during fighting with Palestinian militants since Saturday, mostly on the border with the Gaza Strip. The names bring the toll of slain soldiers to 247
A Palestinian gunman was killed in a clash with the Israeli army in the Kissufim area
9 month ago
Two dead and two injured when aircraft bombed a house for the Aslih family in the Ma'an area, southeast of Khan Yunis
Rockets fired from Lebanon fell on the "Metulla" settlement
The Israeli security agency is checking the possibility that Hamas hacked the facebook account of the organizer of the festival that was attacked on Saturday by the group. The organizer had his Facebook account hacked a few weeks before the festival
The Palestinian President calls for an "immediate cessation of the comprehensive aggression" against Gaza
Chinese Foreign Ministry: The Palestinian issue is the core of the Middle East problem, and the core of the issue is the failure to achieve “justice” for the Palestinians
Rocket sirens sounding in Metula on the northern border, as sirens continue to sound in southern Israel
Clashes between Israeli forces and Gaza militants in the Kissufim settlement in the Gaza Strip
Israeli army: Further to the report of the activation of alerts in the north of the country, the air defense launched an interceptor following a detection in the skies of Israel, the alerts were activated following the interception and at this time it was checked whether it was a true detection
9 month ago
A large missile salvo launched from the Gaza Strip
The Israeli army announces that it dropped about 6,000 bombs on Gaza
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Military Spox Abu Hamza:  The Zionists do not know what we have prepared for them. What you have seen in the Gaza envelope, you will see in other places”9 month ago
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Military Spox Abu Hamza: "The Zionists do not know what we have prepared for them. What you have seen in the Gaza envelope, you will see in other places”
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: We reject violence and adhere to international legitimacy, peaceful popular resistance, and political action as a path to achieving our national goals.
The US has not seen any "massing" of Hezbollah forces on the border between Lebanon and Israel, says @SecDef at @NATO press conference
The Ministry of Transport of the Assad Authority announces the transfer of incoming and outgoing flights through Aleppo and Damascus airports to Latakia Airport
9 month ago
Al-Qassam Brigades announce the bombing of the town of Ashdod with a batch of rockets and sirens sounding in the cities of southern Israel
Patriot launch in the north Israel was reportedly due to the false identification
Reports of a patriot missile launch over northern Israel
9 month ago
Continuous raids launched by Israeli warplanes in the western areas of Gaza
Confrontations erupt between youths and Israeli forces in the town of Al-Ram, north of Jerusalem
The Pentagon: Secretary Austin affirmed, in a call with his Israeli counterpart, his commitment to deter actors who may seek to escalate the conflict
9 month ago
The death of Yousef Abu Marzouk, brother of Hamas Political Bureau member Musa Abu Marzouk, and a number of his family members, due to Israeli bombing in Rafah
Halevi: The Israeli army is responsible for the security of the country and its citizens and on Saturday morning we did not live up to this. We will learn, we will investigate, but now is the time for war
Israeli Chief of Staff: We will launch a massive attack and kill the Gaza militants and their commanders
Israeli Chief of Staff: The army did not succeed in its mission last Saturday, and the matter will be investigated
Israeli army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi: This abominable attack was decided by Yahya Sinwar, the ruler of the Gaza Strip, therefore he and the entire system under him are dead men. We will attack them, we will dismantle them and dismantle their system
9 month ago
Two dead and 2 others were injured as a result of the bombing of the Ahmed Al-Shuqairi School area in the northern Gaza Strip
Blinken: Washington will defend Israel
9 month ago
Islamic Jihad: We condemn the hateful statements made by the US Secretary of State
9 month ago
Israeli air strikes west of Khan Yunis
9 month ago
8 dead due to an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip
The arrival of a Turkish "Atlas" military transport plane to Al-Arish International Airport, carrying food and medical aid to the Gaza Strip, which will be sent through the Rafah land crossing in coordination with the Egyptian authorities.
Iranian Foreign Minister: Israel's war against Gaza targets all Palestinians, not just Hamas
The Syrian Ministry of Defense: At approximately 13:50 this afternoon, the Israeli enemy simultaneously carried out an air aggression with bursts of missiles, targeting the international airports of Aleppo and Damascus, which led to damage to the airports' landing strips and them being out of service
9 month ago
Hof Ashkelon regional council says an anti-tank guided missile was launched from the Gaza Strip, hitting an empty home in Netiv Ha'asara
Two people were injured after the city of Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, was targeted with missiles
9 month ago
Violent Israeli raids on residential areas west of Gaza City
9 month ago
Targeting the Al-Sabra neighborhood in Gaza
A projectile fall in one of the settlements on the Ashkelon coast. Damage was caused
9 month ago
India condemns the "Hamas terrorist attack" and reiterates its support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state
9 month ago
Currently, bombing across Gaza violent raids on the port area and continuous raids on the intelligence area for 10 hours. Almost not a minute goes by without a new raid on the same place. Gaza
9 month ago
Israeli army calls residents of Beit Lahia, north of Gaza to evacuate homes before carrying out air strikes
9 month ago
The number of victims in an airstrike in Nuseirat increased to no less than 20 dead
9 month ago
International Red Cross: The situation in Gaza is catastrophic and all services are on the verge of collapse
Iranian Foreign Minister: I will visit Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as part of a regional tour
The Jordanian Armed Forces send the first relief aid planes to Al-Arish International Airport in preparation for their delivery to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah land crossing, in full coordination with the Egyptian authorities.
9 month ago
Bombing in Nuseirat camp targeted commercial stores on the main road, and a car passing there was damaged. Dead and wounded.
Blinken in Israel: At least 25 Americans have now been killed in Hamas massacre
Syrian media: Israeli bombing targets Damascus and Aleppo airports and preliminary information about the bombing of the airstrips and the two airports being out of service
9 month ago
3 dead due to Israeli bombing of a house and a parked car in the Nuseirat camp
Blinken: We will not accept the killing of children and civilians in Israel by Hamas
Israeli warplanes strike Damascus airport
Israeli Prime Minister: We will "crush" Hamas and we will treat it as we treated ISIS
The President of the UAE and his Turkish counterpart discuss by telephone intensifying efforts to open safe corridors to ensure the arrival of humanitarian aid into Gaza
Assad Authority media: Air defenses confront an Israeli aggression targeting the vicinity of Damascus International Airport
Information about explosions in Aleppo city due to Israeli missiles
Syrian reports of an Israeli strike on the Damascus Intl Airport, air defenses active
9 month ago
Red Cross: We are preparing for the worst if Israel invades Gaza
Missile landed outside Bet Shemesh. No reports of injuries or damage
9 month ago
Massive airstrikes along northern Gaza. One explosion after another
9 month ago
Palestinian media: Israeli gunboats bombard the Gaza coast with missiles
9 month ago
World Health Organisation: We call for an immediate end to the violence in the Palestinian territories, protecting civilians, and providing them with health care
9 month ago
World Health Organization: Documenting 51 attacks on health care facilities across the Palestinian territories since Saturday
9 month ago
3 dead, including a child, in an Israeli bombing that targeted a building for the Ministry of Social Development in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip
9 month ago
Dead and injured in the bombing of a house under construction in the New Market area in Nuseirat
Airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza9 month ago
Airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza
An Israeli raid in the middle of the Nuseirat camp9 month ago
An Israeli raid in the middle of the Nuseirat camp
Pictures of successive Israeli air strikes on towers in the Intelligence District, northwest of Gaza City9 month ago
Pictures of successive Israeli air strikes on towers in the Intelligence District, northwest of Gaza City
9 month ago
Two girls from the Al-Farra family were injured in an artillery shelling east of the town of Al-Qarara in Khan Yunis
9 month ago
A violent raid on the vicinity of Al-Faraj Mosque near the new market in Al-Nuseirat
9 month ago
Airstrike near the Al Kabeer mosque in Al Bureij, central Gaza
9 month ago
Local sources: Renewed aircraft bombing of the General Security Zone, west of Gaza City
9 month ago
A house in Saddam Hussein street in Al Jenina of Rafah has been targeted
Elon Musk’s X labelled or removed ‘tens of thousands’ of posts on Hamas attack: CEO
Airstrike on Al Halou, northwestern Gaza9 month ago
Airstrike on Al Halou, northwestern Gaza
9 month ago
Al Balad mosque's vicinity has been targeted, Deir El Balah, central Gaza
9 month ago
Egyptian Foreign Minister, commenting on the Gaza war: There are limits to any military action
The Israeli army has informed the families of 222 fallen soldiers and 97 kidnapped troops
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and thanked him for his support. Later, they will hold a private meeting. Photo: Omer Miron / L.A.M.
The Israeli Army: The current focus is on "removing" Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip
9 month ago
Sderot: MDA EMTs and Paramedics treated and evacuated 4 patients: 2 in serious condition, 1 in moderate condition with shrapnel injuries, 1 mild injuries who was injured while seeking shelter
Mukhabarat towers were targeted by IAF, west of Gaza city9 month ago
Mukhabarat towers were targeted by IAF, west of Gaza city