Israel border police arrest 3 suspects 'with a number of explosive devices' outside West Bank military court

Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

19 September 2018
Syrian air defense units fired rockets towards an Israeli surveillance drone in Qunaitra province, southern Syria.
7 month ago
7 Israeli soldiers injured in a mine explosion in their patrol SUV near Jericho
7 month ago
2 Israeli army soldiers wounded in landmine explosion of Israeli Military Jeep on Route 90 near Arīhā (Jericho)
Helicopters fly low on the skies of Hebron7 month ago
Helicopters fly low on the skies of Hebron
Iran defends its military presence in Syria, asks US forces to leave
7 month ago
Israel border police arrest 3 suspects 'with a number of explosive devices' outside West Bank military court
US Secretary of State: We call on other countries to fund UNRWA
US Secretary of State: We support the two-state solution and any solution agreed upon by Palestinians and Israelis
Tillerson: The final status of Jerusalem and final borders will be determined by the Palestinian and Israeli sides
Tillerson: The escalation between Israel and Iran's proxies in Syria is destabilizing the region
7 month ago
Harakat Nujaba leader Akram al-Kaabi survived the Israeli strikes on Saturday. Yesterday he visited the grave of Imad Mughniyeh in Beirut's southern suburbs. He vowed to fight alongside Hezbollah if there is another war with Israel.
Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu says police probe against him "like Swiss cheese" full of holes and truth will come out
Israel's Netanyahu says government coalition remains stable
Hamas meeting with Egypt intelligence officials. Delegation started its visit on Friday.
US State Department: familiar with the accusations against Netanyahu and consider it an internal Israeli affair
Police announce Australian millionaire James Packer also implicated in Netanyahu case
Netanyahu says nothing will come of cases against him, says police recommendations against him are baseless
In live TV address, Netanyahu says police recommendations against him will "end with nothing"
Israeli MKs ask Netanyahu to resign, Lapid testified in one of the cases, reports
Police allegations against him are baseless and will lead to nothing, asserts @netanyahu.
Netanyahu says he will continue to lead Israel
PM of Israel @netanyahu on police recommendations that he face corruption charges: The police don't decide
Netanyahu: I feel a deep commitment to continue to lead this people.
7 month ago
Rocket fired from Sinai at Israel explodes near an Air Force base in the South
Netanyahu accused of "acting against interests of state" and advancing legislation favorable to Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan in exchange for gifts.
Police publishes two different claims against Netanyahu on allegedly trying to "buy" positive coverage in the biggest media outlets in Israel
Yair Lapid revealed as secret state witness against Netanyahu, according to @kann_news
Israeli PM Netanyahu statement at 18:40 GMT
Israeli police recommends to charge Israeli born Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan for bribing Netanyahu, in gifts worth 650 thousands Israeli shekels (185,000 USD).
Israeli media reports say police recommending Netanyahu indictment on corruption charges, including bribery.
Israeli media reports : Israeli police recommend to indict Israeli PM @netanyahu on Bribery charge and breach of trust in 2 cases; Chief prosecutor will have the final word on the cases
Police statement on Netanyahu will be delivered by Police Chief Roni Alsheikh at 20:45 pm (Israel time)
Netanyahu is expected to attend a Knesset session still tonight as the 2019 budget vote (1st call) is taking place and his vote is needed.
Israel police expected to recommend Netanyahu indictment for bribery. Recommendation also expected (!) regarding abuse of power/media case
Damascus warns Israel of 'more surprises' in Syria
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