Israeli army is investigating the incident. There were no injuries

Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

16 January 2018
Israeli health minister resigns over railway infrastructure work taking place on the Sabbath
1 month ago
Palestinian sources now reporting that the Rafah border crossing will not open tomorrow, will remain closed until further notice, following the attack in Bir al-Abed, Sinai.
Israeli army is investigating the incident. There were no injuries
Vehicle of a resident of Metula in northern Israel, near the border with Lebanon, was hit by a bullet
Israeli official under fire for comments on American Jews' military service
1 month ago
Egypt to open Rafah crossing with Gaza again for 3 days starting from Saturday. About 1450 left during the last 3 days
1 month ago
Hamas official Salah Bardawil expressed disappointment with what he described as a lack of substance in the latest talks, pointing the finger at US pressure on the Palestinian Authority.
1 month ago
Report says Israeli military held war games in Golan Heights on Thursday
1 month ago
Report: Abbas refused Kushner's phone call following decision to severe ties with Washington
Hamas leader Salah Bardawil, after Cairo meeting of Palestinian factions ends: "I say to our people we have done all we can to get a process that will bring about lifting of sanctions, opening of crossings and progress in reconciliation. Unfortunately, we could not achieve this"
1 month ago
The number of cases of suffocation reached 5 in the hospital of Abu Yousef al-Najjar, after the explosion of "gas cylinder" in a tunnel in Rafah.
Israel will officially roll out a security package for West Bank settlers worth NIS 3.3 billion ($939 million) next month including major upgrades to roads, cameras and armored vehicles, a spokesman for Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman confirmed Tuesday
Israeli veteran and government clash over alleged abuse of Palestinian
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction refuses to lift economic sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip until unity government is "completely empowered" - source
1 month ago
More demolitions reported today in Halaweh (Hebron) and Batir (Bethlehem)
Israel's AG Mandelblit turned against his government, submitted his response to the Land Regulation Bill to the Supreme Court: the law is "unlawful, unconstitutional should be rescind, excessive, offensive, and discriminating against the Palestinians"
This morning, Israeli forces demolished two Palestinian homes in separate incidents in Issawiya and Shuafat, East Jerusalem1 month ago
This morning, Israeli forces demolished two Palestinian homes in separate incidents in Issawiya and Shuafat, East Jerusalem
1 month ago
Israel thwarts attempt to smuggle tons of explosive material into Gaza
Palestinian factions start reconciliation talks in Cairo
Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinians near Gaza border
1 month ago
Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri says there is consensus among the Palestinian factions in Cairo that Abbas's sanctions on Gaza should be lifted-presumably the consensus does not include Fatah
Rocket sirens going off in Golan Heights, North Israel
Rouhani: The emergence of terrorist groups in the region was part of the project of Western powers, Israel and America
1 month ago
Palestinian officials say contacts with Trump administration will continue despite Abbas decision to freeze communication with U.S..
Netanyahu told Putin Israel objects to Iran establishing itself militarily in Syria, PM office says
According to the Kremlin Netanyahu initiated the phone call with Putin. Practical issues related to the situation in the southern zone of de-escalation in Syria were discussed
Kremlin: Putin briefed Netanyahu on the topics of the Russian-Iranian-Turkish summit in Sochi
SW. Damascus: important government mobilization (Arab Nationalist Guard, 4th Division, Palestinians etc.) allowed them to make advances in Mount Hermon and take several hills.
PM @netanyahu meets Egyptian Ambassador Khairat in the Knesset today
Iran's Rouhani calls on regional countries not to fall for Israel's trap - TV