Map. History of Israel-Palestine conflict

19 October 2017
Hamas official calls US comments on unity deal 'blatant interference'
Palestinian unity govt must recognise Israel, disarm Hamas, US says
U.S special representative @jdgreenblatt45 reiterates demand Hamas meet Quartet requirements before joining Palestinian government
Russian President, Putin, Israel PM, Netanyahu spoke on the phone, Kurdistan referendum discussed
Israeli Prime Minister @Netanyahu discusses Kurdistan Region’s referendum with Russia’s President Putin in a phone-call.
EU calls on Israel to stop plans for new West Bank settlements
SAA captures Tal Bard'ayyah in vicinity Maghr Al-Meer in SW Damascus CS. Golan Region
EU urges Israel to reconsider decision to promote new settlement units across WestBank - statement
Landed inside Syria short of he Israeli border
Israeli army checking initial reports that incoming rocket siren heard in Israel Golan Heights.
Russian, Israeli leaders discuss Iran nuclear program, Syria, Iraq
Egyptian air force planes flying in the skies of Rafah and Sheikh Zwaid since morning, and reports of targeting terrorist elements south of Rafah
Russia's Defense Minister has reportedly agreed to keep Iranian proxies some 15km from Israel's borders
Two storks hit an F-35 fighter jet during a training flight on Tuesday, requiring the plane to undergo maintenance work, Israeli army said. Plane landed normally and that it did not sustain damage. However, it was sent “for maintenance work as is common after impacts like this,” the IDF said in an email.
Israeli cabinet decides it won't engage in peace talks with Palestinian unity government
Netanyahu: Israel will not recognise Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal
Israel's @netanyahu meets with Russia's Defense Minister, tells him Israel won't allow for an Iran(ian) presence in Syria
Palestinian tribes condemn the targeting of the Egyptian army in the Sinai
Shoigu says counter-terrorism operation in Syria is about to end
Russia(n) Defense Minister Sergei Soigu has landed in Israel ahead of talks with his Israel(i) counterpart @AvigdorLiberman and @netanyahu
Russian MOD Sergei Shoigu visits MOD @AvigdorLiberman and Israeli army chief Gadi Eisenkot in Israeli army headquarters in Tel Aviv
[email protected] armySpokesperson: Israeli aircraft struck a Syrian SA-5 anti-aircraft battery 50km east of Damascus after a missile was fired at Israeli army planes
A source in the Syrian Air Defense confirmed that their forces fired an anti-aircraft missile at the Israeli warplane.
Egypt: ISIS statement on yesterday's multi-pronged attack on several army positions around SheikhZuweid + Eshkol (Israel) rockets
Israel's military carried out an air strike on an anti-aircraft battery in Syria east of Damascus after its planes were targeted by it.
ISIS claims responsibility for rocket fire at Israel from Sinai
IDF: The Syrian government is responsible for the anti-arcraft fire.The Israeli army maintains its ability to thwart hostilities against Israeli civilians
Hamas officially condemns ISIS' Sunday attacks on Egypt army positions in North Sinai that killed 9 soldiers
IDF: In response, Israeli army aircraft targeted the anti-aircraft battery in Syria.
IDF: Earlier today,an anti-aircraft missile was launched from Syria towards Israeli army aircraft during a routine flight over Lebanon. No hits confirmed