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23 of January 2017 Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel
22 of January 2017 President Trump invites PM Netanyahu to meet him at the White House in February, Israeli PM office says
22 of January 2017 An Egyptian site @newsinai24 claims that several days ago that an Israeli aircraft struck in Egyptian Rafah, killing 10 people
22 of January 2017 .@potus to @carolelee on @netanyahu call: "very nice." Didn't answer on whether he'd move US embassy
22 of January 2017 .@seanspicer on potential Israel embassy move: “We are at the very beginning stages of even discussing this subject.”
22 of January 2017 White House says it is in early stages of discussions to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
22 of January 2017 U.S. in 'beginning stages' of talks on Jerusalem embassy move: spokesman
22 of January 2017 Trump, Netanyahu to discuss Iran nuclear deal Sunday: Israelis
22 of January 2017 WH is beginning discussions on pledge to move US embassy in Israel
22 of January 2017 PM Netanyahu says he’ll announce major West Bank settlement bloc expansion, "after coordinating with Washington".
22 of January 2017 White House says it is in 'beginning stages' of discussing moving US embassy to Jerusalem -- POTUS to speak to Netanyahu 1.30pm EST
22 of January 2017 PM Netanyahu says he'll announce major West Bank territory expansion soon.
22 of January 2017 Israeli hard-liners, emboldened by Trump, push for West Bank territory grabs
22 of January 2017 President Trump conferring with Netanyahu, Mexican president on first weekend in office
22 of January 2017 Israeli Ministers push back vote on settlement annexation until Netanyahu-Trump meet
22 of January 2017 U.S President Trump to speak with Israeli PM Netanyahu over the phone from the Situation Room at 1:30pm (8:30pm Israeli time)
22 of January 2017 Israeli officials approve construction of 566 homes in east Jerusalem put on hold during Obama administration.
22 of January 2017 Jordan's King Abdullah II, PA President Abbas discuss 'actions' to take if US embassy moved to Jerusalem
22 of January 2017 New US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman says he'll live in his own personal apartment in Jerusalem rather than in Herzliza residence
22 of January 2017 Top Israeli policial correspondent @amit_segal from @Channel2News reports, POTUS will announce move of the U.S embassy to Jerusalem tomorrow
22 of January 2017 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Syria, Palestinians and Iran in call with President Trump
22 of January 2017 Israeli army: "Assailant armed with a knife attempted to stab an Israeli army soldier at a crossing adjacent to Tulkarem. Responding to imminent threat
22 of January 2017 Abbas met today King Abdullah in Amman. Ismail Haniya(Hamas) will visit Cairo tomorrow
22 of January 2017 With Trump in office, Israel resumes building settlements
22 of January 2017 Israel approves hundreds of settlement homes in East Jerusalem
22 of January 2017 PM Netanyahu will speak with @POTUS Trump this evening. Will discuss the Palestinian issue, the Iranian issue and the situation in Syria.
22 of January 2017 Gaza: A night without power, without heating. Khan Yunis, Deir al-Balah and Rafah were cut off all night long
22 of January 2017 Israeli president invites Donald Trump to visit Jerusalem
22 of January 2017 A senior Israeli army officer has been suspended for one week after classified documents and an army phone was stolen from his car.
22 of January 2017 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the Iranian people: "We are your friend, not your enemy"
21 of January 2017 Photo from Ar'ara today, even behind the green line Palestinians are faced with guns whenever they go out to protest
21 of January 2017 Palestine: thousands of Palestinians marched in Ar'ara (Israel) to protest recent home demolitions in the Negev
20 of January 2017 Thousands of Palestinians march in West Bank cities to protest Trump's plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
19 of January 2017 Former Israeli FM Livni was due to attend a conference in the European Parliament on Monday 23 January., She has cancelled her visit
19 of January 2017 Belgian prosecutor say they will arrest former Israeli FM Livni on her arrival for alleged war crimes committed in Gaza in '08-'09
19 of January 2017 In his first press conference, Trump WH press secretary Sean Spicer says announcement on Jerusalem embassy is coming. "Stay tuned."
19 of January 2017 Israel Air Force receives first Arrow 3 interceptors
18 of January 2017 Obama says he worries 'moment may be passing' for a two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
18 of January 2017 "The status quo is unsustainable" on Israel-Palestinian issue, says @POTUS in response to question.
18 of January 2017 Nikki Haley, Trump nominee for Ambassador to UN, supports moving US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
18 of January 2017 Police minister @giladerdan1 claims car was heading towards police and officers shot in the air. Not what is shown in the video. #UmmalHiran
18 of January 2017 The destroyed home of Yaacoub Abu al-Qiaan, a teacher from Umm al-Hiran was was killed by Israeli police today during village's demolition.
18 of January 2017 Israeli police in Umm al Hiran
18 of January 2017 6 Palestinians injured during clashes with Israeli army in Qalandiya
18 of January 2017 Video footage from above, showing the Bedouin driver who rammed and killed an Israeli police officer during the demolition works.
18 of January 2017 Residents of Umm al-Hiran in front of what until just an hour ago was a home. Israeli police demolished it
18 of January 2017 Hospital now says they can't say definitively what caused MK Ayman Odeh's head injury
18 of January 2017 Police officer who was killed in Umm al-Hiran named as Erez Levi, 34. His family has been notified.
18 of January 2017 Israeli police officer was killed after being rammed by a truck during the demolition of illagel Bedouin village of Um al-Khiran
18 of January 2017 Demolition in Qalandiya by Israeli forces
18 of January 2017 Israeli police state:"Palestinian Killed might be Isis" no mention he is from the village and work as a teacher&home demolished several times
18 of January 2017 12 Palestinians were arrested during raids in West Bank and Jerusalem
18 of January 2017 Member of Knesset Ayman Odeh and Al-Jazeera Photographer were both injured by rubber bullets and tear gas by Israeli forces in Um Al-Hiran.
18 of January 2017 Israeli police closing all roads leading to Umm al Hyran village , not allowing journalist or human right activist to enter the town.
18 of January 2017 Israeli forces killed a Palestinian, wounded four, after storming Umm al-Hiran village in Negev , to demolish it
18 of January 2017 Israeli police is blocking journos from reaching Umm al-Hiran, a Bedouin village being destroyed to build a Jewish town in its place
18 of January 2017 Activists in Umm al-Hiran: police shot at a car that didn't pose a threat, only after the driver was shot the car hit them
18 of January 2017 Brother of the school teacher shot to death by police officers in Umm al-Hiran this morning: "those responsible shoud stand trial"
18 of January 2017 MK @AidaTuma: police shot a school teacher and is trying to present it as an attempted car attack #UmmalHiran
18 of January 2017 Israeli activist on the ground claims there was no car ramming attack. Rather police fired tons of live ammo at driver and he lost control
18 of January 2017 Gunshot holes also found on Israeli police jeeps during the incident. Unclear if from protesters or friendly fire during vehicle attack
18 of January 2017 Int Security Min Erdan: seems to confirm police KIA. Hopes it doesn't lead to bigger conflict bw Arabs and Jews. Threatens Odeh w legal action
18 of January 2017 2 dead, several injured including MK @AyOdeh injured in clashes with Israeli police as they attempted to demolish homes in Bedouin village
18 of January 2017 Police shot @AyOdeh in head, back with sponge-tipped bullet in Umm el-Hiran. Reports of more injuries and at least one killed.
18 of January 2017 Fatah and Hamas to form unity government, paving way for formation of new Palestinian National Council - officials
17 of January 2017 Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen also being investigated for receiving gifts from Netanyahu's billionaire friend James Packer.
17 of January 2017 Palestinian shot and wounded moments after attempted stabbing attack near Tul Kerem
17 of January 2017 The security installation (aka Fence) btwn #Israel and #Egypt has been finished
17 of January 2017 A youth movement in Israel (NOAL) organized a humanitarian campaign to gather winter equipment for Syrian refugees (for the second time)
16 of January 2017 Israeli army confirms death of a Palestinian protester shot by border police during a riot near Tekoa, describes him as "main instigator" of riot
16 of January 2017 Palestinian killed in West Bank clashes with Israeli army: ministry
16 of January 2017 Israel says arrests 13 Hamas members in West Bank
16 of January 2017 Amb Leshno Yaar opens Israel's Mission to NATO with NATO Dep SG @Gottemoeller and Israeli army Dep Chief of Staff Yair Golan
16 of January 2017 Hamas is reportedly releasing all the detainees arrested during recent protests in Gaza over the electricity crisis
15 of January 2017 Unrest continues in West Bank camps tonight. Raging gunbattles reported in Jenin RC, while Palestinian policeman injured in Balata clash
15 of January 2017 France to Trump: Don't move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem:
15 of January 2017 According to 'unverified' reports the Israeli air-strike on the Mazzeh airbase near Damascus destroyed S-300 surface to air missiles
15 of January 2017 Palestinians call for wide support to outcomes achieved in Paris
15 of January 2017 Jordan king issues decree approving cabinet reshuffle
15 of January 2017 Gaza pipeline project for Gaza, constructed by Palestinian Authority, to be inaugurated next month. Will increase gas from 250 to 400 tons
15 of January 2017 French foreign minister says: Moving U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem 'would have extremely serious consequences'
15 of January 2017 Netanyahu says France peace conference is futile
15 of January 2017 France says the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem would have serious consequences
15 of January 2017 Palestinian media reports Israeli army firing artillery shells into Gaza in response to gunfire that struck army engineering vehicle
15 of January 2017 Israeli tanks hit a Hamas target after shots were fired from Gaza towards Israeli troops inside Israel , no injuries reported
15 of January 2017 Army investigating reports that Israeli army troops were shot at on the Gaza border. No injuries reported.
15 of January 2017 Turkey to send 15 million liters of fuel to help Gaza with severe energy crisis
14 of January 2017 More than 70 foreign ministers and other top envoys gathering in Paris to urge establishment of Palestinian state
14 of January 2017 Residents of Nuseirat in the Gaza Strip held a protest last night denouncing the current electricity crisis
14 of January 2017 Egypt authorities announced that electricity lines feeding southern Gaza will be down for 3 days starting today due to "maintenance"
14 of January 2017 For retired Gen. James Mattis, Trump’s nominee for defense secretary, the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv
13 of January 2017 Residents in Israeli border communities continue to report Israeli air Force activity in the area into Friday night. #Syria
13 of January 2017 Airstrikes reportedly targeted ammo depot, signal/radar building in Mezzeh AB, 4th div positions in Qasioun, air defence system in Yafour
13 of January 2017 Damascus says Israel missiles caused airbase explosions
13 of January 2017 Israel strikes Syrian military airport near Damascus
13 of January 2017 Israeli warplanes strike Mezzeh Airport
13 of January 2017 Explosions at Mezzeh Air base after 2nd wave of suspected Israeli strikes on it
12 of January 2017 Hamas arrested local comedian Adel Al-Mashoukhi after he released video calling upon Hamas to solve power problem
12 of January 2017 Hamas security attack reporters covering the peaceful protests, one journalist reported injured
12 of January 2017 Hamas security forces use bullets,stakes to break up crowds protesting in Jabalia Camp, North Gaza, casualties reported
12 of January 2017 Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz team up to defund UN over Israel vote
12 of January 2017 Israel's Netanyahu condemns Paris peace summit as "fraud" designed to create anti-israel views
12 of January 2017 Ahead of Paris Peace Conference, Hollande says 'peace will only be made by Israelis and Palestinians, no one else'
12 of January 2017 In the presence of Pope Francis and Palestinian President Abbas, Embassy of Palestine scheduled to be opened on Friday in Vatican .
11 of January 2017 Rex Tillerson says in Senate hearing John Kerry's Israel-Palestine speech "was quite troubling and undermined the government of Israel"
11 of January 2017 Israeli army say have uncovered Hamas plot to access soldiers phones, gain sensitive military information. Hamas set up fake Facebook accounts to entice Israeli soldiers to give them sensitive information about operations.
11 of January 2017 Israeli army stops Hamas program directed at getting sensitive info from soldier's cell phones
11 of January 2017 Israel lobby infiltrated UK student body in bid to oust Muslim NUS head, counter BDS, Al Jazeera reveals
11 of January 2017 Report: Qatar is mediating between Israel and Hamas on a new prisoner exchange deal
10 of January 2017 The graphic, reportedly from ISIS channels, claiming Jerusalem attacker Qunbar for "Al-Nusra al-Maqdisia"
10 of January 2017 Israeli authorities demolished 11 Palestinian homes in Qalansuwa today
10 of January 2017 Trump pushes the US Embassy move in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, even as opposition builds
10 of January 2017 Jio will connect all hospitals and medical facilities, colleges & schools in Gujarat: Mukesh Ambani at Vibrant Gujarat Summit in Gandhinagar
10 of January 2017 Agriculture Minister of Israel said Israel was very proud to partner India in agriculture and bring prosperity to Indian farmers: Vikas Swarup, MEA
10 of January 2017 PM expressed happiness at the progress in agricultural partnership with Israel: MEA on Israeli Agri Min Uri Ariel's meeting with PM Modi
10 of January 2017 Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian man in al-Faraa refugee camp during overnight raid
10 of January 2017 Gujarat: PM Modi meets Uri Ariel (Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel) in Gandhinagar
9 of January 2017 Jewish centers in South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida all received threats on Monday.
9 of January 2017 One of four Israeli soldiers killed in Jerusalem truck attack was a US citizen, officials say
9 of January 2017 At least six Jewish community centers across the South were evacuated after a string of phone threats
9 of January 2017 Palestinians urge Donald Trump to keep U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv US Israel
9 of January 2017 An Israeli embassy official was recorded plotting to "take down" UK politicians and calling Boris Johnson "an idiot"
9 of January 2017 Israeli authorities arrested nine suspects following truck attack in Jerusalem that left four soldiers dead, according to police spokesman.
9 of January 2017 Hamas issued interrogation summons for 20 people in the last 24 hours over alleged participation in protests against electricity shortage
9 of January 2017 PA President Abbas sent a letter to Trump calling him not to move US Embassy to Jerusalem
9 of January 2017 Unknown group calling itself "collective of martyr Baha Aylan" claim ramming attack in Jerusalem Yesterday. Say it won't be last
9 of January 2017 4 dead, at least a dozen wounded in Jerusalem truck attack
9 of January 2017 Following Jerusalem truck attack, Facebook says it will block all use of the "Truck_intifada" (uprising) hashtag that trended afterword
9 of January 2017 Red alarm siren was a false alarm, no rocket landed inside Israel.
9 of January 2017 Israel - Red alert signalling rocket fired from Gaza heard in Eshkol region of southern Israel.
9 of January 2017 Red alarm Sirens in southern Israel near the border with Gaza
9 of January 2017 The Palestinan authority security forces have arrested 20 Islamic state and Salfist linked militants in the Hebron area, in an unusual step
8 of January 2017 Jerusalem Truck Ramming: Attacker Body Won't Be Returned - Father Arrested - Brother Arrested - 3 Other Suspects Arrested.
8 of January 2017 Israeli PM Netanyahu says the terrorist who perpetrated the ramming attack in Jerusalem is an ISIS sympathizer.
8 of January 2017 Israel PM @netanyahu says all signs suggest Palestinian from East Jerusalem who ran down a group of soldiers was an ISIS supporter.
8 of January 2017 Israeli police arrive at the home of the #Jerusalem truck attacker in the Jabal Mukabir neighborhood
8 of January 2017 Video Footage of the truck ramming attack in Jerusalem, where a truck plowed into Israeli soldiers killing 4
8 of January 2017 'Jerusalem attack is the Palestinian response to the Paris peace conference,' Israeli Deputy FM says
8 of January 2017 Examples of news re possible truck attack in Jerusalem spreading on IS-linked Telegram channels
8 of January 2017 Israel Jerusalem - One name is circulating as the name of the attacker: Fadi Qanbr, a Palestinian youth. To be confirmed.
8 of January 2017 Israel Jerusalem - Official Hamas channel is calling the attack an "heroic act".
8 of January 2017 Medics confirm four 20-year-old Israelis dead in east Jerusalem truck ramming
8 of January 2017 Israeli police says truck rams into soldiers in Jerusalem
8 of January 2017 Special @UnitedHatzalah psychology support unit providing counseling to victims suffering from shock. 4 confirmed dead
8 of January 2017 Ambulances continue to arrive at Shaare Zedek bringing people injured from the terror attack this afternoon
8 of January 2017 Israel Jerusalem - Truck is being lifted, as their might still be soldiers underneath it.
8 of January 2017 Israeli emergency service says 15 wounded in car-ramming incident in Jerusalem.
8 of January 2017 At least 4 Israeli soldiers killed and 13 Injured, after truck plowed into them as they got of a bus
8 of January 2017 At least 12 others injured in the attack. The driver of the truck has been killed.
8 of January 2017 The truck used in attack in Jerusalem's East Talpiyot area
8 of January 2017 Israeli police confirm multiple casualties after truck rams group of people in Jerusalem's East Talpiyot area
8 of January 2017 15 Israeli soldiers Injured 2 critically after a truck plowed into them, attacker was then shot
8 of January 2017 Up to 15 Israelis injured after a truck plowed into them in Jerusalem, Attacker shot and Injured
8 of January 2017 Ramming attack in Jerusalem; at least 10 injured
8 of January 2017 Initial reports of a ramming attack in Jerusalem Israel
8 of January 2017 Skills minister Robert Halfon's adviser Maria Strizzolo resigns after being seen to plot against Alan Duncan with Israeli diplomat
8 of January 2017 .@netanyahu recorded speaking with publisher Nony Moses; colluding a media truce and weakening PM supportive newspaper
8 of January 2017 Report: Egypt connected 2 power lines to supply electricity to the Palestinian territories based on a deal btw both authorities. #Gaza
8 of January 2017 Israel wanted to "take down" UK minister Alan Duncan because he was causing "a lot of problems" re settlements
8 of January 2017 .@Haaretz: "Netanyahu taped negotiating mutual benefits with businessman."
7 of January 2017 John Kerry: The transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem would lead to an explosion in the region
7 of January 2017 Israeli army Chief of Staff Eizenkot: Hezbollah is deployed in the northern part of Israel's border with Syria
7 of January 2017 Israel cuts $6 million in U.N. funding over settlements resolution
6 of January 2017 Celebrations for Eastern Orthodox Christmas earlier today in Bethlehem, Palestine.
6 of January 2017 Smoke over Hebron - reason unknown
6 of January 2017 For 4th straight Friday, Israeli authorities continue to suspend their program allowing people from Gaza to come to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque
5 of January 2017 Israeli forces detain 14-year-old Palestinian following clashes in Beit Ummar
5 of January 2017 Police begin questioning Israeli PM Netanyahu for second time this week
5 of January 2017 Israeli forces open fire at areas in Gaza
4 of January 2017 Lebanese national Amine Bakri shot dead in Angola. Lebanon President Aoun says Lebanese in Angola likely killed by Mossad
4 of January 2017 Israeli PM Netanyahu calls for pardon of soldier who shot dead a Palestinian assailant lying wounded and motionless on the ground
4 of January 2017 Israeli Defense Minister @avigdorLiberman says he didn’t like verdict in Azariah case, and “will aid the soldier”
4 of January 2017 Hebron shooter convicted: Defense Minister calls the "establishment to help the family and this soldier"
4 of January 2017 Lebanon President claims Lebanese buisnessman killed in Angola was assassend by Mossad
4 of January 2017 Israeli soldier Elor Azaria found guilt of manslaughter.
4 of January 2017 Israeli army Sgt. Elor Azaria has been found guilty of Manslaughter. First conviction of an Israeli soldier in 12 years
4 of January 2017 Elor Azaria convicted by Israeli military court for shooting dead an unarmed Palestinian assailant
4 of January 2017 Azaria trial verdict: Judges- comments by army leadership that were critical of Azaria didnt affect the facts brought forth in testimonies.
4 of January 2017 Elor Azaria case: Judge still reading out verdict. 2 hours and 15 minutes
4 of January 2017 #Trump banner held by supporters of the Israeli soldier outside courtroom in Tel Aviv
4 of January 2017 Tel Aviv: Protestors stormed police barricade
4 of January 2017 Israel: Demonstrators spill out onto the busy road in front of the defence ministry
4 of January 2017 Azaria protest in Tel Aviv: Protestors want to block the road police are stopping them
3 of January 2017 GOP sets Thursday vote to oppose UN's controversial Israel resolution
3 of January 2017 Sens. @tedcruz, @marcorubio and @SenDeanHeller introduce bill to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
3 of January 2017 Police question Israeli PM Netanyahu for over three hours on suspicions he accepted gifts from wealthy supporters
3 of January 2017 At least 2 Israelis wounded in car ramming attack near Afula.
3 of January 2017 Reports of vehicle attack near Jenin's Jalama crossing, the northern West Bank's main crossing into Israel. Two injured
3 of January 2017 Israel PM Netanyahu questioned under caution over claims took gifts worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.
2 of January 2017 .@AmbJohnBolton - comments on Israel resolution.
2 of January 2017 Israel announced it will not return bodies of dead Palestinian fighters until Hamas returns four Israeli nationals.
2 of January 2017 Israeli forces arrested 15 Palestinians in overnight raids in West Bank
2 of January 2017 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will be questioned by police over corruption charges this evening at his residence
2 of January 2017 Israeli Prime Minister @Netanyahu questioned by police over corruption charges today — Israeli media.
2 of January 2017 ISRAEL: PM @netanyahu will be interrogated today by police in an a investigation which details have not been released
30 of December 2016 "I think [@realDonaldTrump's] administration will fix it." - @GovMikeHuckabee on U.S. tensions with Israel
30 of December 2016 Rudy Giuliani said @POTUS "completely double-crossed" Israel last week
30 of December 2016 Rudy Giuliani op-ed: Obama's attack on Israel should surprise nobody
30 of December 2016 Looking ahead to a Trump administration, Theresa May scolded John Kerry for his speech criticizing Israel
30 of December 2016 Australian PM condemns 'one-sided' UNSC resolution
30 of December 2016 Former Rep. Joe Walsh: Obama hates Israel because he's a Muslim
30 of December 2016 Female shot and wounded by Israeli army moments after attempted stabbing attack at Kalandiya checkpoint.
30 of December 2016 The Ambassador of Russia in Israel Aleksandr Shein was urgently hospitalized in a hospital in Tel Aviv
29 of December 2016 Russian MFA: Moscow and Cairo agreed on continuing talks over the different crises in the Middle-East
29 of December 2016 AIPAC slams Kerry speech as "a failed attempt to defend the indefensible"
29 of December 2016 Ted Cruz calls Obama and John Kerry "bitter enemies of Israel"
29 of December 2016 Netanyahu aide: Israel wants two states, Palestinians don't
29 of December 2016 Netanyahu spokesman: "The vast majority of Israelis yearn for an end to this conflict"
29 of December 2016 2 reports out today confirm tightening Israeli army restrictions on movement, increased closures for Palestinians in West Bank)
29 of December 2016 Israeli forces reportedly demolished several Palestinian shops in al Lebban al Gharbi,near Ramallah, Palestine early this morning
29 of December 2016 Russia rejects Kerry's call for Quartet to adopt his 'six principles': report
28 of December 2016 "This is a time to stand up for what is right," Kerry says in major speech defending U.S. policy toward Israel
28 of December 2016 Benjamin Netanyahu jabs Obama on Facebook for Western Wall flip flop: "Seriously?"
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: The US-Israel alliance "will endure the profound disagreement we have had with the Obama administration"
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "I have no doubt that our alliance will endure the profound disagreement we have had with the Obama administration."
28 of December 2016 Benjamin @netanyahu: "This conflict is and has always been about Israel's very right to exist"
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: We have "absolutely incontestable evidence" the US was behind the UN resolution
28 of December 2016 PA President Abbas on Kerry: If Israel halts settlements and implements signed agreements, we're ready to resume final status talks.
28 of December 2016 "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders," Netanyahu says in response to Kerry's earlier speech
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu says there is "incontestable evidence" US "organized, advanced and brought" last week's UN resolution.
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: We have "absolutely incontestable evidence" the US was behind the UN resolution
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "Israel looks forward to working with President-elect mitigate the damage this resolution has done."
28 of December 2016 Israeli PM Netanyahu: "Israel looks forward to working President-elect mitigate the damage that this resolution has done."
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: Israel hopes that the outgoing Obama admin will prevent any more damage being done to Israel at the UN in its waning days.
28 of December 2016 "Millions of Israelis in bomb shelters are not throwaway lines in a speech," says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace"
28 of December 2016 Israeli PM Netanyahu: US abstaining from UN vote "reflects a radical shift in U.S. policy towards the Palestinians."
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: Why we should belive US wont bring a new UNSC resolution via a third country and say: 'Well, We cant vote against that'
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: We have un-contessted evidence America orchestrated/planned resolution at UN. We will share this info with Trump administration
28 of December 2016 "I must express my deep disappointment with the speech today by John Kerry," Israeli PM says, calling the speech "unbalanced"
28 of December 2016 Israel PM @Netanyahu raises specter of France, Sweden drafting new UN Security Council resolution on Mideast peace before Obama exits.
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: "Israel looks forward to working with President-elect Trump" and the US Congress
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "Secretary Kerry said that the United States cannot vote against its own policy, but that's exactly what it did at the UN."
28 of December 2016 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fires back at John Kerry, slamming the UNSC vote
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders."
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "Israel remains committed to resolving the outstanding differences between us and the Palestinians through direct negotiations"
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: Israel looks fwd to working with President elect Trump to dismantle and dissolve the damage this resolution has done
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu on Sec. Kerry's speech: "What he did was spend most of his speech blaming Israel for the lack of peace."
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "No one wants peace more than the people of Israel."
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "Thousands of Israeli families have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country and advance peace."
28 of December 2016 PM @Netanyahu: “Israel looks forward to working with President-elect @realDonaldTrump to mitigate damage UNSC resolution has done.”
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: "I don't seek applause. I seek the security and peace and prosperity and the future of the Jewish state."
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "I don't seek applause. I seek the security and peace and prosperity...of the Jewish state."
28 of December 2016 .@netanyahu: "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders."
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: Kerry's speech was "almost as unbalanced" as the UNSC resolution
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: Kerry's speech was "almost as unbalanced" as the UNSC resolution
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: On U.S Sec of state Kerry: "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders"
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: Kerry's is disappointing deals with settlements, Instead of dealing with Palestinian refusal to recognize Jewish state
28 of December 2016 Israel PM Netanyahu calls Kerry speech on Israeli-Palestinian conflict "skewed against Israel"
28 of December 2016 Netanyahu: Instead of dealing with the root of the conflict-Palestinian refusal to recognize any Jewish state"
28 of December 2016 Israel's attorney general orders criminal investigation against PM Netanyahu - Israeli TV channel


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